Hamze Bytyci

is an intercultural family counsellor, actor and media pedagogue. He is a founding member of the board of Amaro Drom e.V. and is also active in various organizations and initiatives, including the campaign “alle bleiben!” (all remain), the “International Romani Film Commission” and the “Radio Corel” programme. Bytyci is the founder of the Hildegard Lagrenne Foundation. At present, he runs the RomaTrial e.V. organization.


Culture as opportunity?

On Sinti and Roma art and culture

Culture work provides Sinti and Roma people with opportunities to develop personally, combat negative modes of representation and intervene politically too. As such, it counterbalances the obstacles that the everyday realities of educational disadvantage and racism create, writes Hamze Bytyci. He takes two surveys on German Sinti and Roma from the past decade as his point of departure for sketching the artistic and cultural landscape, principally in Berlin, surrounding the Sinti and Roma.