Georges Prévélakis

Georges Prevelakis is Professor of Geopolitics at the Sorbonne (Paris 1) and also teaches at the INALCO in Paris. He specializes in European, Balkan and eastern Mediterranean geopolitics as well as in the geopolitics of diasporas and urban geopolitics. He co-directs with Ali Kazancigil the academic journal Anatoli (Paris, CNRS Editions) and collaborates regularly with the Athens newspaper Estia. His publications include: Les Balkans, cultures et géopolitique, Paris, 1994; Les réseaux des diasporas, Paris, 1996; Athènes: urbanisme, culture et politique, Paris, 2000; Géopolitique de la Grèce, Brussels, 2005; Pour une nouvelle Entente balkanique, Paris, 2010.


Cover for: Greece: The history behind the collapse

Historically positioning themselves between an unruly, oriental population and the western powers, since 1981 Greek elites have siphoned off EU funds into a bloated public sector favouring corruption, patronage and social climbing. The threat posed to Europe by the breakdown is less contagion to the centre than a wave of anti-western feeling that could exacerbate geopolitical instabilities in the region.

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