Fatos Lubonja

is a writer and journalist living and working in Tirana, Albania. He is also the editor of the Albanian journal Përpjekja.


Neocolonialism and Responsibility

The Western Presence in the Balkans

The big gap between principles and practise means that the Western democracies run the risk of failure when they try to take on the task of acting as protectors in the Balkans. Fatos Lubonja argues for a “wise and responsible presence”.

Re-Inventing Skenderbeg

Albanian Nationalism and NATO Neo-colonialism

Skenderbeg as a national hero of Albania is just one sign of “history-making” in Albania and Serbia. Fatos Lubonja writes on how the creation of national myths and memories over the centuries has provided the seedbed for the conflicts in the Balkans, but that such memories can also show the way to an open society and provide hope for the future.

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