Ewa Lipska

Ewa Lipska is a Polish poet and writer. She debuted in 1967 with a volume entitled Wiersze (“Poems”, Czytelnik). She has since published thirty further collections of poetry, the latest being Poglos (“Reverberation”, Wydawnictwo Literackie, 2010). In 2009 Lipska published her first novel, Sefer, which has since been translated into English by Barbara Bogoczek and Tony Howard (AU Press, 2012).


Ewa Lipska

A musician of words

A conversation with Polish poet Ewa Lipska

In interview, Krakow poet Ewa Lipska offers a rich portrait of her homeland’s literary heritage: from fighting the communist regime, when books were everything and some poetry volumes had print runs of 10,000, to writing this year for the Polish rapper O.S.T.R.

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