E. Fuat Keyman

is professor of International Relations at the Koc University in Istanbul, Turkey. His research focuses on International Relations, Globalization, Democratic Theory and Turkish Politics. He has published books and articles in these areas. He is the author of Globalization, State, Identity/Difference (Humanities Press, New Jersey 1997), Turkey and Radical Democracy (Alfa, Istanbul 2001), and co-editor of Challenges to Citizenship: European Questions and Turkish Experiences (Routledge, New York 2003).


A political earthquake in Turkey

An analysis of the prospects of the JDP government in Turkey

The recent elections in Turkey came at a time of deep economical insecurity. Accordingly, the success of the victorious Justice and Development Party has been down to economical, rather than ideological considerations of the voters. In addition, the party’s Islamic roots have been softened towards a mainstream centre-right agenda, in tune with Turkey’s secular traditions. But how will this single-party majority government fare and what is to be expected for the countries’ possible future in the European Union?

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