Dmitry Vilensky

is an artist, writer, activist and founding member of Chto Delat?/What is to be done?, a platform initiated in 2003 by a collective of artists, critics, philosophers and writers with the goal of merging political theory, art, and activism. Vilensky works mainly within a framework of interdisciplinary collective practices in film, photography, text, installation and interventions in the public sphere. He is also an editor of the Chto Delat? newspaper. Vilensky is a co-founder of ArtLeaks and co-editor of the ArtLeaks Gazette. He lives and works in St. Petersburg.


ArtLeaks founders Corina Apostol and Dmitry Vilensky discuss what lies ahead for the grassroots organization, in terms of revealing and resisting the toxic symptoms of neoliberalism in the cultural sector; not to mention creating a better (art)world.

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