David Runciman

is a British political scientist. His research interests include the development of the theory of the modern state and aspects of contemporary politics. He teaches political theory at Cambridge University. Runciman worked as a columnist amongst others for The Guardian and writes about politics for the London Review of Books. His books include The Politics of Good Intentions (2006), Political Hypocrisy (2008) and The Confidence Trap: A History of Democracy in Crisis from World War I to the Present (2013).


Cover for: ‘Demokratie ist Krise’

Von optimistischen wie pessimistischen Fatalisten hält David Runciman nichts: Europa, so glaubt er, wird weder auseinanderbrechen noch in einem Superstaat aufgehen. Amüsante Krisensitzung mit einem Politikwissenschafter aus Cambridge.

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