David MacFadyen

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2 March 2007

Can you hear me now?

With Siberia and the Urals close on the heels of Moscow in mobile phone ownership, Russia’s expanses are rapidly seeming less vast. The latest broadcasting and telecommunications technology, above all mobcasting, is “leapfrogging” conventional handheld usage and challenging the monopoly of state-owned media. What’s more, international copyright law, a requirement for Russia’s membership in the WTO, is increasingly difficult to keep track of in the farthest reaches of the Russian media landscape.

Holland v. Portugal during the World Cup 2006 was the dirtiest match in tournament history, with sixteen yellow cards and four reds. Russian referee Valentin Ivanov’s “Soviet school of refereeing” clashed with players’ increasing defensiveness. But in Russia, Ivanov’s refereeing was cause for celebration; so what does this says about the nation’s attitude to rules?

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