Dan O'Brien

has been economics editor of The Irish Times since June 2010. For the previous twelve years he was a senior editor at the Economist Intelligence Unit. He has also worked for the United Nations and the European Commission. His book Ireland, Europe and the World: Writings on a New Century was published in 2009.


Cover for: Taking control of the camera

An array of photography and film, visual arts, theatre, mixed-media storytelling and online journalism is dispelling notions of refugees as voiceless victims. Almir Koldzic and Áine O’Brien report on new channels providing an antidote to mainstream media coverage of life as a refugee.

Conventional wisdom has it that violence is at least as prevalent today as it has ever been. Yet a vast body of evidence about the past shows incontrovertibly that the chances of an inhabitant of this planet dying violently have never been lower, writes Dan O’Brien, reviewing two new books on the history of violence.

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