Cornelia Klinger

teaches philosophy at the Ebehard Karls University, Tübingen, and is permanent fellow of the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna. She is author of Über-Kreuzungen. Fremdheit, Ungleichheit, Differenz (ed. with Gudrun-Axeli Knapp), Münster 2008; Achsen der Ungleichheit. Zum Verhältnis von Klasse, Geschlecht und Ethnizität (ed. with Gudrun-Axeli Knapp und Birgit Sauer), Frankfurt a.M. 2007.


Cover for: Race-Class-Gender


Old axes of inequality and new concerns

Education under neoliberalism – a contradictory mix of competition and austerity promoting vaulted excellence over grounded learning. Cornelia Klinger highlights awards ceremonies appropriating the names of famous historic achievers as prime example of capitalist commodification masking old and new sociopolitical inequality and injustice.

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