Beqe Cufaj

(b.1970 in Decan, Kosovo) has published two books with poetry and short stories in his home country. Recently,Kosova-Rückkehr in ein verwüstetes Land was published in German in Paul Zsolnay Verlag in Vienna. He lives in Germany, where he works as a freelance author and journalist. He regularly contributes to the Feuilleton of theFrankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.


Summer Story or Europe between division and union

Podium Statement at the 14th European Meeting of Cultural Journals in Vienna and Bratislava; Friday November 10, 2000

A group of writers spent three months together in a castle in the East of Germany; exchanging ideas, thoughts and experiences. Beqe Cufaj reflects on the conversations, where, as different nationalities, histories and ideas meet, the different European worlds reveal themselves to be, though geographically so near, yet still so far apart.