Ben Little

is Associate Professor in Media and Cultural Politics at UEA. He is the co-author of The New Patriarchs of Digital Capitalism, a book about tech patriarchy, looking at the celebrity businessmen who own and run technology companies.


Cover for: Digital culture wars

Digital culture wars

Understanding the far right’s online powerbase

Millions of people are consuming, repeating and disseminating far-right ‘culture war’ material online, but if you do not seek out that content and are not served it by algorithms, you may never know it was there.

Cover for: Labour's lost referendum

Ahead of Thursday’s EU referendum, Ben Little of Soundings (UK) looks beyond the daily diet of questionable and competing facts circulated by party political factions, and considers the deep-seated tensions that currently shape the United Kingdom’s fractured political landscape.

Today’s slick electoral machines have debased the idea of seeking political power, contends Soundings co-editor Ben Little. Which marks a sea change since the first decades after WWII, when local parties were intensely engaged in candidate selection and struggles over party resources.

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