Steven Beller

has written widely on Austrian, Jewish, and central European history. His books include Vienna and the Jews, 1867-1938: A Cultural History (Cambridge University Press, 1989); Herzl (Halban, 1991); Francis Joseph (Longman, 1996); A Concise History of Austria (Cambridge, 2006); Antisemitism: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford University Press, 2007; 2nd ed. 2015), and Democracy: All That Matters (Hodder, 2013).


Cover for: What has the empire ever done for us?

What has the empire ever done for us?

The surprising legacies of the Habsburg monarchy, and the lessons for today's European Union.

Imperialism gets a bad press these days, and with good reason. But not all empires are alike, and not all are a disaster for the people governed by them. Steven Beller says central Europe is still struggling to recognise the benefits of the Habsburg Empire, and suggests its demise may hold lessons for the EU.

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