Arie Nadler

was born in Munich in 1947. He is Professor of Social Psychology at the Tel-Aviv University, and a co-founder of the Centre for Peace Studies “Tami Steinmetz.” He is also the first president of the Institute for Diplomacy and Regional Cooperation, which was established jointly by the Peres Centre for Peace and Tel Aviv University. He has written extensively in scholarly international journals of social psychology. His major areas of scientific interest are: cooperation between individuals and groups, inter-group relations and social conflict, social identity and prejudice, and massive social traumas and their impact on individuals and families.


From Tel Aviv to Ulcinj

Can we learn from each other about reconciliation and peace-building?

In 2000, the Serbian journal Rec together with radio B92 published a booklet under the title “Truths, Responsibilties, Reconciliations: The Example of Serbia”. The issues cited in the title emerge as keypoints towards building democracy in a society ravaged by long years of war. The Israeli sociologist Arie Nadler draws parallels between the fromer Yugoslavia and the Middle East and sees that responsibility, reconciliation and the search for truth are not such different issues when applied to different regions and peoples.

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