Anne Querrien

has studied political science, sociology, urbanism, and philosophy, this last subject with Gilles Deleuze. She participated in students and women struggles in France in the late 60’s and 70’s. She worked with Felix Guattari in the journal Recherches. She is the editor of the French journal Les Annales de la Recherche Urbaine and a member of the editorial boards of Chimères and Multitudes.


What makes a biopolitical space?

A discussion with Toni Negri

Toni Negri discusses the significance of urban space for new forms of opposition. The city, he says, is where the “political diagonal” intersects the “biopolitical diagram” – where people’s relation to power is most pronounced. Negri’s interlocutors are involved in exploring “soft” forms of activism, urban projects that create collectivities on micro, neighbourhood levels. Negri is critical of “soft” forms, however, preferring rupture and revolution over accumulation and gradual change.

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