Alexander Etkind

is Professor of Russian Literature and Cultural History at the Department of Slavonic Studies, University of Cambridge. He is the author of Internal Colonization. Russiaâs Imperial Experience (Polity Press, 2011) and Eros of the Impossible: The History of Psychoanalysis in Russia, translated by Noah and Maria Rubens (Westview, 1996). Etkind is also co-author, along with six participants of the project “Memory at War: Cultural Dynamics in Poland, Russia and Ukraine”, of Remembering Katyn (Polity Press, 2012).


Cover for: Colonizing oneself

Colonizing oneself

Imperial puzzles for the twenty-first century

The IWM series “Books in perspective” presents publications related to the Institute’s research fields to the local academic community. Authors are invited to discuss their ideas with the audience. On 22 May 2012, Russian literary scholar Alexander Etkind talked about his recent work Internal Colonization. Russia’s Imperial Experience (Polity, 2011). Here, he explains why he wrote this book.

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