Alessandro Leogrande

is deputy editor in chief of the Rome based monthly magazine Lo Straniero [The stranger], and working for various newspapers and magazines. Among his recent publications: Uomini e caporali. Viaggio tra i nuovi schiavi nelle campagne del Sud (Mondadori, 2008), Le vite male. Storie di contrabbando e di multinazionali (Fandango, 2010), Il naufragio. Morte nel Mediterraneo (Feltrinelli, 2011), Fumo sulla città (Fandango, 2013).


Cover for: Two or three things about Albania

Two-thirds of Albanians had invested in the pyramid investment funds that collapsed in 1997, causing violent social unrest. Many fled to Italy and 83 perished en route in the sinking of the “Kateri I Rades”. But the memory of all this has been suppressed, writes Alessandro Leogrande.

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