Albrecht von Lucke

is a lawyer, political scientist and editor of Blätter für deutsche und internationale Politik. His latest book, Die schwarze Republik und das Versagen der deutschen Linken is published by Droemer (2015).


Cover for: The end of the Merkel Republic

The implosion of the CDU marks the end of the era of stable two-way coalitions in Germany. The resurgent SPD is now faced with a dilemma: run the risk of deadlock together with the FDP and Greens, or strike out into the uncharted waters of minority government.

Cover for: Four in a row for Merkel: Germany at the crossroads

The entry of Alternative für Deutschland into the Bundestag is a watershed moment in post-war German history and an indictment of twelve years of Merkel: never before has an openly far-right party had a seat in the federal German parliament. An analysis by ‘Blätter’ editor Albrecht von Lucke.