Adam Puchejda

is a historian of ideas. His interests range from the sociology of intellectuals to public sphere studies and political philosophy; most recently, he worked at Sciences Po in Paris with Daniel Dayan. Puchejda is also a journalist with Kultura Liberalna (Poland).


Cover for: War will not win democracy

War will not win democracy

A conversation with Michael Walzer

Overthrow a dictator in the Arab world today and you’re far more likely to spark civil war than a liberal democracy. So the West shouldn’t be militarily engaged at all, says Michael Walzer. For it cannot create democratic polities where there is no social or cultural basis for democracy.

Cover for: A dramatic struggle

A dramatic struggle

Migration and the case of Poland

In societies with colonial histories and that are traditionally open to the world, there is widespread tolerance of diversity at a fundamental level. So says Aleksander Smolar; who is afraid that, for Poland, the smallest step towards adaptation will be a dramatic struggle.

No mean bookkeeping

An interview with the editor of "Kronos"

We should not think of “Kronos” as a testimony similar to Gombrowicz’s “Diary”, says Jerzy Jarzebski to “Kultura Liberalna”. While the “Diary” is his contribution to “European and world thought”, “Kronos” is an attempt to record an objective, sometimes very candid, truth.

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