Achim Engelberg

is a German author and historian. His dissertation featured on John Berger. As a historian, he is charting the estate of his father Ernst Engelberg in the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin. Recently, a new edition of Ernst Engelberg’s Bismarck. Sturm über Europa (2014) as well as “Es tut mir leid: Ich bin wieder ganz Deiner Meinung”. Wolf Jobst Siedler und Ernst Engelberg: Eine unwahrscheinliche Freundschaft (2015) appeared. Achim Engelberg works for Constantin Film, as curator for Piqd, and on a book on Europe’s border regions.


Cover for: Caught in the geopolitical crossfire

Caught in the geopolitical crossfire

Ukraine and the new Cold War

The new Cold War is a dead end in the labyrinth of world history, writes Achim Engelberg. It cannot resolve current contradictions in Russia, Ukraine or elsewhere. So what are the alternatives for upholding democracy, an independent Ukraine and peace in Europe?