Victor Tsilonis

Greek bailout referendum, Euro Summit, Germope


Victor Tsilonis of Intellectum (Greece) comments on the latest developments in the Greek crisis: the short-lived euphoria of the 5 July referendum, Alexis Tsipras’s subsequent “mental waterboarding”, and the outlook for a German-led Europe.

For Greeks, Sunday 12 July 2015… [ more ]

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Eurozine Gallery: TIME top ten photos of 2014


TIME magazine has announced its top ten photos of 2014, which include an aerial shot of a boat containing at least 500 people attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea and reach Europe. The image was captured by Italian photographer Massimo Sestini and also features in the latest Eurozine Gallery exhibition “Stories without borders”.

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A master of the daily grind


On Sunday 30 November, Turkish publisher Osman Deniztekin died in a hospital in Istanbul. He was 65. Carl Henrik Fredriksson remembers a remarkable man.

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Simon Garnett

Britain flouts the European Court of Justice

The UK has passed legislation on data retention that flouts European concerns about privacy. The move demonstrates extraordinary arrogance not only towards the Court of Justice of the European Union but towards the principle of parliamentary deliberation in the UK.

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Public lectures on video

Parallel to the main panel discussions at the Kyiv conference, some participants also gave public lectures directed to young Kyivan students. Ivan Krastev, Bernard-Henri Lévy, Slavenka Drakulic and Paul Berman mesmerized an audience consisting of people who can and will form Ukraine’s future.

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