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Eurasia in global dialogue

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The focal point ‘Eurasia in Global Dialogue’ responds to challenges posed by the increasing isolation of a number of countries in the Eurasia region (Turkey, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, etc.), which is the result of these countries’ international and domestic politics. In this situation, it is more important than ever to keep their intellectual elites in touch with the West.

The focal point presents the findings of the project ‘Eurasia in Global Dialogue’ being carried out at the Institute for Human Sciences, Vienna (IWM). It is edited by Clemena Antonova at the IWM. The focal point is an extension of the earlier focal point, ‘Russia in Global Dialogue’ that ran in Eurozine and at the IWM from 2012–2018. Further texts have been contributed by journals in the Eurozine network.

This focal point is a cooperation between Eurozine and the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM), Vienna.

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