Truls Lie

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13 October 2006

United 93 -- "Let's Roll!"

There are several reasons to believe that United Airlines flight 93 was shot down by an American fighter plane. Why are the American authorities being so secretive?

Norwegian Le Monde diplomatique editor Truls Lie looks at the new EU directive on telephone and Internet surveillance through the lens of Michel Foucault’s theory of the Panopticon. Humanity is getting a new self-image, writes Lie, formed by the information, control, and network societies.

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23 February 2006

Anarchistic aspirations

Karl Marx himself saw capitalism in a positive light; in its very progress he saw its demise. A demise precipitated by the anarchistic heart of the network society?

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2006 is the centenary year of the philosopher Hannah Arendt. Her relevance has never been greater. Arendt radically questions whether “politics” is still in the least bit significant. If opinions cannot be freely expressed, the political space disintegrates – a propensity we have witnessed in recent times. At the same time, being political involves seeing and listening to those who are “disregarded”.