Europe and the crisis in the Ukraine

A deBuren TTT debate

Good neighbours? The recent crisis in the Ukraine has highlighted the conflict of interests caused by Russian resurgence and the EU's expansion to the East. deBuren asks how capable the EU really is of guaranteeing stability, not just internally, but also on its borders, and what, if any, meaning international treaties retain in lieu of the means and will to reinforce them.
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Trust and the environment

A Free Word TTT debate

Tomorrow's climate Join the Free Word Centre and the UK Youth Climate Coalition for a discussion about climate change and the choices that face young people, trying to find sources of information they can trust.
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The Autumn of work series at Krytyka Polityczna’s Friday discussion club

A Krytyka Polityczna TTT discussion forum

A right to indolence? Krytyka Polityczna's open Friday looks at Jakub Majmurek's text on the right to inactivity. As part of the Autumn of work series, this text appraises the issue of inactivity both in historical and contemporary contexts, providing the perfect discussion point for an evening's roundtable. Read more!


Special economic zones – profit or exploitation?

A Krytyka Polityczna TTT debate

Whose profit? Local governments in Poland encourage special economic zones, but their erection seems to lead to a rise in the ranks of the local precariat, with such zones often appearing to be accompanied by a laxer regime on workers' rights and an increase in contracts of the flimsiest nature. Which raises the question, who benefits from SEEs and should we be welcoming or opposing their expansion? Read more!


We are realists, we demand the impossible

A Krytyka Polityczna TTT debate

Another brick in the wall? Following a series of workshops on the nature of education in Poland, students from Cieszyn met educational experts on the 25th September to discuss faith in both the state of modern schooling and the hierarchical relationships within Polish schools. Read more!


We have a right to know!

A Krytyka Polityczna TTT debate

Stand up for your rights Krytyka Polityczna looked at how to ensure access to the information we require, in order to be able to see what is really going on within our communities. In a workshop discussion with the Bone Fides Foundation, those in attendance were able to find out what rights Polish citizens have and how they can look to exercise them. Read more!


I hate politics! On people’s cynicism and the dissolution of trust

A Kultura Liberalna TTT debate

Suspicious minds On September 18th, Kultura Liberalna looked at that most important of societal bonds - trust. What has been the communal impact of the economic crises on our interpersonal relationships and how much faith is still left in those responsible for running our societies?
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Everything you wanted to know about the Maidan, but were too afraid to ask

A Krytyka Polityczna TTT debate
Candles UA

Why Euromaidan? On the 3rd September, members of the Ukranian editorial board of Krytyka Polityczna and representatives of Kyiv's Visual Culture Research Centre came together to discuss the origins and motivations of the participants in 2013-14's Euromaidan. Answering those questions you haven't felt able to ask, Wednesday's speakers looked to fill the Warsaw audience in on the background to the protests. Read more!


Lost in transition

A Krytyka Polityczna TTT debate
swietlica na granicy

Growing pains From the 28th-31st August, activists from across the region came together to discuss the concept of Central Eastern Europe, its development in the last twenty-five years and the actions, which they and their groups could look at undertaking to further improve the region - a meeting about regional characteristics, transition and the end of post-communism. Read more!


The perception of the judiciary and the relationship between the rule of law and social insecurities

A Depo TTT debate

The rule of law On the 24th June Depo looked at Turkey's judiciary and how it is generally perceived within Turkey, looking into both the bases for the present perceptions and their recent evolution. Suavi Aydın and Berke Özenç subsequently assessed what impact these perceptions have upon social confidence and the ways in which people in Turkey lead their lives.
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The role of literature houses in protecting the space for free expression

A Free Word affiliate debate
Free Speech120-185

Liberties in literature and expression From the 4th-6th June, an array of European literature houses came together in London. In the course of their meeting Free Word opened their doors to members of the public for debates on the role of literature houses in sustaining freedom of expression and the changing dynamic of the relationship between authors and their readers.
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