The CEF 2015. Everyone is lying

A Project Forum TTT event
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Sowing the seeds of confusion The Central European Forum is back in its seventh installment and this year the speakers are looking at disinformation and the way that it's seeming infilitration of reporting is affecting the way we perceive the world around us. A weekend looking at propaganda, memory, media manipulation, Russia and the West. Watch the recordings!


Futures: poetry of the Greek crisis

A Free Word and Penned in the Margins affiliate event
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Forged in the fires of discontent Free Word and Penned in the Margins show us the Greek crisis from another perspective, introducing us to the voices of a new generation of Greek poets, whose talents have developed and been inspired by the turbulent events around them. Recordings coming soon!


Should euthanasia be legalised?

A Freiblickinstitut affiliate debate
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Mercy or murder? In Germany, the Bundestag is looking into a reform of the legislation on euthanasia, leading to a heated debate on the pros and cons of assisted suicide. Should we have the right to determine when we want to die or are there too many circumstances in which any law allowing assisted suicide could be exploited to harm the vulnerable and the ill? Video highlights coming soon!


Enduring legacies: Ernst van Alphen on transgenerational trauma and approaches to the memoralisation of the Holocaust and the Gulag

A Memorial affiliate debate
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Bloodlines We all know about the Holocaust, but how much do we know about the Gulag and how many of us still live with the terror these two human catastrophes engendered. Ernst van Alphen looks at the different histories of the Holocaust and the Gulag and the different traumata which they caused, tracing the development of these traumata through the victims to their children and grandchildren. Watch the video!


A betrayal of human rights?

A Depot TTT debate

Time to look closer to home? Despite many states having been signatories to the European Convention of Human Rights for more than 60 years, persecution of many different types continues to raise its ugly head in Europe. This debate looks at what role human rights play in our politics and asks how much we can trust our politicians to stand up for these rights.
Watch the video highlights!


Beyond the public sphere, towards the commons

A Krytyka Polityczna TTT debate

Common wealth? Italian revolutionary philosopher Antonio Negri speaks in Warsaw on social models and the commons, critiquing the current state of affairs and proposing his own models for empowering the multitudes and overcoming the power of capital.
Listen to the recording!


Sustainable development goals?

A Depot TTT debate
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On target? As the United Nations moves on from its Millenium Development Goals and looks to the new Sustainable Development Goals programme, Depot asks how much faith we should have in these targets, what the original programme achieved and what we can realistically expect from its successor.
Watch the video highlights!


Is solidarity in Europe fading?

A Freiblickinstitut TTT debate

A house divided against itself? The nationalist right is on the up and negative headlines make the running, and yet, polls show that support for the EU is recovering and spontaneous displays of consensus in matters such as the Charlie Hebdo assassinations bear witness to our continued ability to empathise and to work together. How then to reconcile these seeming contradictions, is solidarity fading or are we merely witnessing a series of fraternal disputes? Listen to the recording and watch the video!


Lector in Fabula 2015 – The future of politics

A cooperative affiliate festival
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The way forward This year's Lector in Fabula festival will look at the future of politics and feature a special series of debates organised in cooperation with Eurozine and set to be live streamed on Time to Talk. Visit the page to find out more about this year's festival, those special Eurozine debates and the live streams.
Watch the recordings!