Shoot the Messenger. A look at trust and distrust in the media.

A Coolpolitics debate

Losing faith? What impact has the emergence of new online media alternatives had on public perceptions of traditional media outlets? Coolpolitics look at public perceptions of both new and old media and investigates the role trust in the changing landscapes of modern journalism.
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In the EU we (mis)trust – on the road to the EU elections

An ECF/De Balie co-operative debate
In the EU we (mis)trust

The way forward? What is the way forward for the EU? Should we be moving closer together or further apart? At a time in which many distrust the union, ECF and De Balie took a look at what is likely to be on our political horizon in the coming election year.
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Social insecurities and security politics

A Depo debate

Social insecurities and security politics Depo looks at Istanbul's security politics and what sort of impact it has upon levels of institutional trust and personal confidence within Turkish society.
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Trust & the media: who do you believe?

A Free Word debate
Young People and the Media, image courtesy of Fran Plowright

Perceptions of youth How are young people portrayed in traditional media, how often do they get to have their own say and how is the emergence of alternative media altering their perception within society and their ability to make themselves heard? Free Word looks at perceptions of youth and how these are changing with the new interactive platforms which the internet has brought to the fore. Watch the video!


The Amsterdam Conversation 2013

A Felix Meritis debate
EU Parliament

The disintegration of democratic infrastructure The Amsterdam Conversation 2013 analysed the mistrust in European democratic institutions and the future of the union and it's subsidiary units. With 2013's discussions and workshops adressing pressing questions, Felix Meritis looked towards 2014's European elections in its annual Amsterdam Conversation.
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Give citizenship a chance

A Project Forum debate
CEF 2013

Civic democracy While pluralism has become widely accepted in Central Europe, democratic institutions have suffered a rapid decline and a significant loss of credibility. Following Karel Schwarzenberg's observation that “this will never be the West”, we ask whether we are witnessing the emergence of a specific Central European representative democracy?
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Free speech: should there be limits?

An Agora CE and Institute of Ideas debate
Free Speech logo

Freedom of speech Theoretically democratic institutions defend our right to free expression, yet there are an increasing amount of clausal restrictions on what we can say. How freely can we express ourselves nowadays, are the restrictions that are in place well founded and who should determine what we are allowed to say in public?
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Freedom of speech within the Bulgarian press

A Red House debate

Freedom of expression In this Red House debate a selection of concerned parties look at the results of the recent AEJ survey on Bulgarian press freedoms, seeking both the causes of the present situation and looking at how things could be improved in the future.
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The Eurozone crisis – a Keynesian response

A Krytyka Polityczna debate
Robert Skidelsky

Keynes and the Euro-crisis Krytyka Polityczna invited Warwick Professor, Robert Skidelsky, to apply his knowledge - built on a specialisation in Keynesian economics - to the present problems within the Eurozone and to propose solutions to our growth crises and the rising debt mountain.
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Is it time to talk?

A Red House debate
featured 8.3.13

Contemporary debating Is it time to talk? discusses the merits of debating in the present climate, asking what the obstacles to effective debating are and what needs to be done to overcome them and the ensure the efficacy of our future approaches: a discussion of polarisation, accessibility and engagement.
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