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5 March 2008
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Fiddling with subsidies is a small detail compared with rich people fiddling with taxes. But the Swedish government hunts the poor and those in need. Author: Devrim Mavi.

Civil resistance in Iraq, workers voting right, Pual Krugman, New York, the most lonely correspondent in Asia.

The Swedish Communism and the guilt from the past
It is not about communism, but about the lack of willingness to talk about the history of supporting communist governments. Author: Devrim Mavi.

New upper secondary school

We need a new school reform. Author: Gunnar Wetterberg.

The union movement and discrimination

The secretary for the public authority against discrimination is calls for some real effort made against ethnic discrimination in the labour market. Author: Katri Linna.

The conversation
Town politics

Two architects, Joanna Zawieja and Jerker Söderling, discuss the conflict which divide Stockholm. A conversation about housing policy, privatization, segregation, gentrification and new shopping malls.

What about the substance?
Björn af Kleen writes about the morning papers and their lack of substance. Is it all about profit, or is it just bad journalism?

The endless wait for the election results

The US – a country in change. Susan Faludi writes about 9/11 and politics founded on old dreams of wars with the native Americans. Katrine Keilos discusses the importance of masculinity in politics. The future belongs to the Democrats according to John B. Judis and Ruy Taxiera. They write about the changes in demography and how it impacts on voters.

Is there nature?
If nature is a social construction, if there are no trees and birds and bees, is it possible for nature to die? Kristina Hultman writes about the awkward presence of nature.

Book reviews
Latinas in Sweden, the democracy and hatred, lesbian migrant women, the fantasies of power, the Darfur conflict.

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