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1 August 2012
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Schweizer Monat, the Swiss monthly for politics, economics and culture, has joined the Eurozine network. Founded in 1921, the journal draws on a long history as a liberal voice, which it continues to be in its current form under the editorship of René Scheu, Florian Rittmeyer and Michael Wiederstein.

Economists Karl Popper, Wilhelm Röpke and Friedrich August von Hayek published many essays in its predecessor journal Schweizer Monatshefte, while Theodor Adorno, Hermann Hesse and Herbert Lüthy were among those to establish the journal’s reputation in Europe.

Schweizer Monat is today published by the publishing house SMH Verlag, founded in order to guarantee the journal the independence and journalistic freedom indispensable for an “idiosyncratic magazine”, as its editors describe it. Every second issue includes the Literarischer Monat, a supplement focusing on Swiss literature.

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Published 1 August 2012

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