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William E Scheuerman

Civil disobedience for an age of total surveillance

The case of Edward Snowden

Earlier civil disobedients hinted at our increasingly global condition. Snowden takes it as a given. But, writes William E. Scheuerman, in lieu of an independent global legal system in which Snowden could defend his legal claims, the Obama administration should treat him with clemency. [ more ]

Timothy Snyder

Europe and Ukraine: Past and future

Tim Groenland

Lost in the funhouse

János Széky

A tradition of nationalism

New Issues


Mittelweg 36 | 2/2014

Von Walden Pond nach Waikiki Beach

Belgrade Journal of Media and Communications | 4 (2013)

Ultimate European crisis II

Osteuropa | 1/2014

Im Namen des Volkes. Revolution und Reaktion

Eurozine Review

Eurozine Review

Whoever shoots first loses

"Krytyka" says the protests in Ukraine should make the EU realize it has a global mission; "Prostory" documents the Maidan; "Osteuropa" warns it's high time to focus on the Polish extreme Right; "New Eastern Europe" locates the last frontier of Kundera's Central Europe; "Free Speech Debate" says hate speech bans have no place in fully fledged democracies; "Spilne" anticipates a socialist moment in the western system; "Merkur" analyses the capitalist persona: from civilizing force to the root of all evil; "Kulturos barai" ponders how to survive technology; "Revolver Revue" refuses to forget the Jews lost to the Nazis but erased under Czech communism; and "Dilema veche" asks who's afraid of Romanians and Bulgarians?

Eurozine Review

Breaking the anthropic cocoon

Eurozine Review

When TV regimes kick in

Eurozine Review

Goodbye Gutenberg Galaxy!

Eurozine Review

The new wretched of the earth

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Zeszyty Literackie 118 (2012)
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118 (2012)

Zeszyty Literackie

Proza i poezja

Prose and poetry
Julia Hartwig
Tomasz Łubienski
Bitwa o Krete
Battle of Crete
Tadeusz Dabrowski
Adam Szczucinski
San Pietro
Grzegorz Kwiatkowski
Keith Botsford


Profiles: W. G. Sebald
W. G. Sebald
Próba restytucji
Ein Versuch der Restitution
Adam Zagajewski
Melancholijny i konkretny
About W. G. Sebald
W. G. Sebald
Tomasz Rozycki
Lepiej zabładzic, zapomniec
It's better to get lost, to forget
W. G. Sebald
Wspomnienie o Robercie Walserze
Le Promeneur solitaire. About Robert Walser
Robert Walser
Popiół, igła, ołówek i zapałka
Ash, needle, pencil and matchstick
Andre Aciman, J. M. Coetzee, Dariusz Czaja, Julia Hartwig, Andrzej Kopacki, Adam Lipszyc, Małgorzata Łukasiewicz, Charles Simic, Susan Sontag, Mariusz Trelinski
Głosy o W. G. Sebaldzie
Voices about Sebald
W. G. Sebald
O obrazach Jana Petera Trippa
On paintings of Jan Peter Tripp
Mariusz Wilk
Wstega Möbiusa
Mobius strip
Thomas Browne
Traktat o urnach
Urn Burial (fragments)
Juliusz Kurkiewicz
Inna wiecznosc
Different eternity
W. G. Sebald
Rozmowa o fotografii
Conversation about photography
Jan Zielinski
Wyblakłe zdjecie
Faded photo
Anna Arno
Po stronie obrazów
Sebald and pictures
Pietro Citati
Arcydzieło Sebalda
Sebald's masterpiece. Notices about W. G. Sebald's books
Julia Hartwig, Andrzej Kopacki, Ryszard Krynicki, Adam Zagajewski
Wiersze dla W. G. Sebalda
Poems for W. G. Sebald

Europa Srodka

Central Europe
Tomas Venclova
Slepote mozna złagodzic
About Poland and Lithuania


C. K. Williams
Załoba -- w przekładzie MAI WODECKIEJ

Poezja i swiat

Poetry and world
Julia Hartwig
Oswajanie Celana
Learning Paul Celan
Clare Cavanagh
Wisława Szymborska -- ostatnie podziekowanie
About Wisława Szymborska
Agnieszka Kosinska
Radosny, suwerenny obłok
About Wisława Szymborska

Portrety nowoczesnosci

Portraits of modernity
Mariusz Wilk
Zapiski od zjawy
Sketches from ghost
Claudio Magris
Bóg literatury tkwi w szczegółach
God of literaturę is in the details
Krystyna Czerni


Piotr Mitzner
Rosyjscy futurysci i ich polski impresario
Russian futurists and their polish impresario


Jerzy Illg
Od Petersburga do Wenecji
From Petersburg to Venice


Michał Bristiger, Aleksander Laskowski
O "Smierci Klinghoffera" Johna Adamsa
"The Death of Klinghoffer" of John Adams
Marta Wyka, Adam Zagajewski
O "Domu na Rozdrozu" Ewy Bienkowskiej
On a new book of Ewa Bienkowska ("Dom na rozdrożu")

Album Brodnickie

Album Brodnickie
Marian Bizan
Mozart, Böhm i Filharmonicy Wiedenscy
Mozart, Bohm


Joanna Ugniewska
Antonio Tabucchi (1943-2012)
Jacek Sempolinski
Izaak Celnikier (1923-2011)

O Ksiazkach

About books
Janusz Majcherek
Towarzystwo smierci
Death society
Anna Arno
Dziennik lektur: Kafka
Leszek Szaruga
Swiat poetycki (LIII)
World of poetry


Krzysztof Pomian
Ewa Bienkowska
Slimak teologiczny
Theological snail
Marian Bizan
Lektury dziecinstwa: Januszewska
Readings of childhood: Januszewska
Piotr Szarota
Damien Hirst
Bogdan Tosza
Opowiesci rysujacego człowieka
Tales of drawing man
Maria Stauber
Taniec i sztuka
Dance and art


Focal points     click for more

Ukraine in focus
Ten years after the Orange Revolution, Ukraine is in the throes of yet another major struggle. Eurozine provides commentary on events as they unfold and further articles from the archive providing background to the situation in today's Ukraine. [more]

The ends of democracy
At a time when the global pull of democracy has never been stronger, the crisis of democracy has become acute. Eurozine has collected articles that make the problems of democracy so tangible that one starts to wonder if it has a future at all, as well as those that return to the very basis of the principle of democracy. [more]

Russia in global dialogue
In the two decades after the end of the Cold War, intellectual interaction between Russia and Europe has intensified. It has not, however, prompted a common conversation. The focal point "Russia in global dialogue" seeks to fuel debate on democracy, society and the legacy of empire. [more]

In recent years, Hungary has been a constant concern for anyone interested in European politics. We have collected articles published in Eurozine on recent developments in Hungary and broader issues relating to Hungarian politics, history and culture. [more]

The public sphere in the making
The public sphere is not something given; it is made - over and over again. But which actors are involved and what roles do they play? Is there a difference between an intellectual and an expert? And in which media or public space does the debate take place? [more]

The EU: Broken or just broke?
Brought on by the global economic recession, the eurocrisis has been exacerbated by serious faults built into the monetary union. Contributors discuss whether the EU is not only broke, but also broken -- and if so, whether Europe's leaders are up to the task of fixing it. [more]

Time to Talk     click for more

Time to Talk, a network of European Houses of Debate, has partnered up with Eurozine to launch a new online platform. Here you can watch video highlights from all TTT events, anytime, anywhere.
Robert Skidelsky
The Eurozone crisis: A Keynesian response
Political economist and Keynes biographer Robert Skidelsky explains the reasons for the failure of the current anti-crisis policy and how Europe can start to grow again. Listen to the full debate organized by Krytyka Polityczna. [more]

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Editor's choice     click for more

Marcus Rediker
Ghosts on the waterfront
Historian Marcus Rediker describes the sailing ship as linchpin of the emergent transatlantic economic order and instrument of terror for slaves transported from Africa, going on to discuss European harbour cities' role in the slave trade and their responsibilities in reckoning with its moral legacy. [more]

Literature     click for more

Olga Tokarczuk
A finger pointing at the moon
Our language is our literary destiny, writes Olga Tokarczuk. And "minority" languages provide a special kind of sanctuary too, inaccessible to the rest of the world. But, there again, language is at its most powerful when it reaches beyond itself and starts to create an alternative world. [more]

Piotr Kiezun, Jaroslaw Kuisz
Literary perspectives special: Witold Gombrowicz
The recent publication of the private diary of Witold Gombrowicz provides unparalleled insight into the life of one of Poland's great twentieth-century novelists and dramatists. But this is not literature. Instead: here he is, completely naked. [more]

Literary perspectives
The re-transnationalization of literary criticism
Eurozine's series of essays aims to provide an overview of diverse literary landscapes in Europe. Covered so far: Croatia, Sweden, Austria, Estonia, Ukraine, Northern Ireland, Slovenia, the Netherlands and Hungary. [more]

Debate series     click for more

Europe talks to Europe
Nationalism in Belgium might be different from nationalism in Ukraine, but if we want to understand the current European crisis and how to overcome it we need to take both into account. The debate series "Europe talks to Europe" is an attempt to turn European intellectual debate into a two-way street. [more]

Conferences     click for more

Eurozine emerged from an informal network dating back to 1983. Since then, European cultural magazines have met annually in European cities to exchange ideas and experiences. Around 100 journals from almost every European country are now regularly involved in these meetings.
Making a difference. Opinion, debate and activism in the public sphere
The 25th European Meeting of Cultural Journals
Oslo, 29 November - 2 December 2013
Under the heading "Making a difference. Opinion, debate and activism in the public sphere", the 2013 Eurozine conference focused on cultural and intellectual debate and the production of the public sphere. [more]

Multimedia     click for more
Multimedia section including videos of past Eurozine conferences in Vilnius (2009) and Sibiu (2007). [more]

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