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E. Khayyat

How to turn Turk?

The literary history of the Turk is long: from the Shakespearean Turk to Turkish humanist Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar's "dervish without the mantle". But what exactly does it entail, to turn Turk? E. Khayyat traces an intellectual tradition that begins with the characters of Don Quixote. [ more ]

Juan Gabriel Vásquez, Jasper Vervaeke

Entering into dialogue with the world

Irem Inceoglu

The Gezi resistance and its aftermath

Thomas Rothschild

The new divide

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Eurozine Review

Independence in an age of interdependence

"Soundings" is on tenterhooks about the outcome of the referendum in Scotland; "Krytyka" listens to the music and politics of the Maidan; "Osteuropa" debunks both Putin's ratings and western sanctions against Russia; "New Eastern Europe" looks to Moldova to buck the trend in Russian aggression; "Index" marks 25 years since the Wall came down; in "Belgrade Journal", Gil Anidjar asks if the floodings in the Balkans are a natural or political disaster; "Free Speech Debate" questions the West's supply of digital weaponry to repressive regimes; "Dilema veche" seeks to exit the direct route from 9/11 back into the Middle Ages; and "Letras Libres" speaks to Colombian novelist Juan Gabriel Vásquez.

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Was Crimea a preliminary exercise?

Eurozine Review

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Eurozine Review

The world's echo system

Eurozine Review

Courage of thought vs technocracy

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La Revue nouvelle 8/2014
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La Revue nouvelle


Christophe Mincke
Comment ne pas parler d'Israël ?
How not to speak about Israel ?

le mois

this month
Matthieu de Nanteuil
La crise du néolibéralisme et la faillite des gauches. Le cas français
The crisis of neo-liberalism and the failure of the Left. The French case
Cheyenne Krishan
La Politique commune de pêche sous les tropiques
The common fishing policy in the tropics
François Reman
États-Unis - Amérique latine : une relation à reconstruire
USA - Latin America : a relation to rebuild
Roland Baumann
Les cent ans de Beau-Vallon
The Beau-Vallon women psychiatric clinic's 100th anniversary
Éric Bousmar
Waterloo, l'ultime bataille, d'Hugues Lanneau
Waterloo, the last battle, a documentary film by Hugues Lanneau

billet d'humeur

Joëlle Kwaschin
Florence Aubenas, usagère du rail
Florence Aubenas, railroad service user

le dossier

main theme
Geneviève Warland
Première Guerre mondiale, l'histoire au présent
First World War, history in the present
Geneviève Warland
Le mois d'août 1914
The month of August 1914
Olivier Luminet, Laurence Van Ypersele
Enjeux mémoriels de la Grande Guerre en Belgique
Memory issues of World War One in Belgium
Nico Wouters
Le cavalier seul de la Flandre
The lone ranger attitude of Flanders
Benoît Lechat
Histoire, mémoire et réconciliation
Que s'est-il passé en Belgique en aout 1914?
History, memory and reconciliation
What happened in Belgium in August 1914 ?
Geneviève Warland
1914-1918 : pour aller plus loin...
1914-1918 : going further...

un livre

book review
Paul Géradin
Mondialisation : qui gagne et qui perd ?
Essai sur l'économie politique du développement, d'Arnaud Zacharie
Globalization: Who wins and who loses?
Essay on the political economy of development by Arnaud Zacharie


Pierre Ansay
Marxisme et totalitarisme. Le goulag est dans la pomme
Marxism and totalitarianism. The Gulag is in the apple
Michaël Maira
Pas d'Européens précarisés en Belgique
No poor European nationals in Belgium
Daniele Comberiati
Les Italiens au Congo, entre émigration et colonialisme
Italians in Belgian Congo, between emigration and colonialism
François De Smet
La dette, miroir d'une civilisation
Debts, mirrors of civilizations
Angela V. John
Paternité et masculinité à l'époque victorienne
Fatherhood and manhood in Victorian England


Bernard De Backer
Malabar Blues
Malabar Blues

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Russia in global dialogue
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Dessislava Gavrilova, Jo Glanville et al.
The role of literature houses in protecting the space for free expression
This summer, Time to Talk partner Free Word, London hosted a debate on the role that literature houses play in preserving freedom of expression both in Europe and globally. Should everyone get a place on the podium? Also those representing the political extremes? [more]

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Simon Garnett
Britain flouts the European Court of Justice
The UK has passed legislation on data retention that flouts European concerns about privacy. The move demonstrates extraordinary arrogance not only towards the Court of Justice of the European Union but towards the principle of parliamentary deliberation in Britain, writes Simon Garnett. [more]

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William E Scheuerman
Civil disobedience for an age of total surveillance
The case of Edward Snowden
Earlier civil disobedients hinted at our increasingly global condition. Snowden takes it as a given. But, writes William E. Scheuerman, in lieu of an independent global legal system in which Snowden could defend his legal claims, the Obama administration should treat him with clemency. [more]

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Olga Tokarczuk
A finger pointing at the moon
Our language is our literary destiny, writes Olga Tokarczuk. And "minority" languages provide a special kind of sanctuary too, inaccessible to the rest of the world. But, there again, language is at its most powerful when it reaches beyond itself and starts to create an alternative world. [more]

Piotr Kiezun, Jaroslaw Kuisz
Literary perspectives special: Witold Gombrowicz
The recent publication of the private diary of Witold Gombrowicz provides unparalleled insight into the life of one of Poland's great twentieth-century novelists and dramatists. But this is not literature. Instead: here he is, completely naked. [more]

Literary perspectives
The re-transnationalization of literary criticism
Eurozine's series of essays aims to provide an overview of diverse literary landscapes in Europe. Covered so far: Croatia, Sweden, Austria, Estonia, Ukraine, Northern Ireland, Slovenia, the Netherlands and Hungary. [more]

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Nationalism in Belgium might be different from nationalism in Ukraine, but if we want to understand the current European crisis and how to overcome it we need to take both into account. The debate series "Europe talks to Europe" is an attempt to turn European intellectual debate into a two-way street. [more]

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Law and Border. House Search in Fortress Europe
The 26th European Meeting of Cultural Journals
Conversano, 3-6 October 2014
Taking place in southern Italy, not far from Lampedusa, this year's Eurozine conference will address both EU refugee and immigration policies and intellectual partnerships across the Mediterranean. Confirmed speakers include Italian investigative journalist Fabrizio Gatti and Moroccan feminist and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Rita El Khayat. [more]

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Multimedia section including videos of past Eurozine conferences in Vilnius (2009) and Sibiu (2007). [more]

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