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The future of politics

Lectora in fabula festival, Conversano (Italy), 10-13 September

The eleventh Lectora in fabula festival takes place in Conversano, Italy, from 10 to 13 September. Leading European intellectuals, broadcasters, filmmakers, photographers and activists meet to discuss the future of politics, with a special emphasis on European cultural integration. [ more ]

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The School of Kyiv – Kyiv Biennial 2015

Timothy Snyder

Commemorative causality

Sofi Oksanen

A lion in a cage

Ivan Krastev

Don't fear political emotions

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Eurozine Review

Still outraged and seeking alternatives

"Kultura Liberalna" discusses the new industrial revolution; "Blätter" predicts that the European divide will keep growing; "Samtiden" says Europe should count itself lucky; "openDemocracy" says the Greek crisis is all about Germany and France; "Soundings" seeks European alternatives; "La Revue nouvelle" considers why the wealthy hate the Greens; "L'Espill" asks whether Podemos and Catalanism can hook up; "Osteuropa" sets the record straight on Russian gas; and "Dialogi" celebrates the power of the documentary.

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Something has to give, soon

Eurozine Review

Life after debt

Eurozine Review

In search of eutopia

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If Greece falls

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Dziejaslou 75 (2015)
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75 (2015)


Леанід Галубовіч
Leanid Hałubovič
Граматыка жыцця. Вершы розных гадоў
Grammar of life. Poems of different years
Валянціна Аксак
Valancina Aksak
Сінасйскі кветнік. Вершы
The flower-garden of Sinai. Poems
Аксана Спрынчан
Aksana Sprynčan
Снежнае "рэ". Вершы
Snowy "R". Poems
Зміцер Захарэвіч
Zmicier Zaharevič
Мізерыкордыя. Вершы
A misericorde. Poems
Алесь Аркуш
Aleś Arkuš
Мясцовы час. Урывак
з амаль дакументальнага рамана
Алесь Емяльянаў
Aleś Jemeljanaŭ
Шчаслівы тралейбус. Вершы
The happy trolleybus. Poems
Віктар Казько
Viktar Kaźko
На кручку. Нізка апавяданняў
On the hook. A selection of short stories
Мікола Захаранка
Mikoła Zaharanka
Такі вецер, такі вецер... Аповесць
So windy, so windy... A story
Алесь Аркуш
Aleś Arkuš
Захоп марсіянамі Беларусі
Урывак з рамана
The capture of Belarus by Martians
An excerpt from the novel
Андрэй Паўлухін
Andrej Paŭłuhin
Высылка. Апавяданне
A deportation. A short story
Надзея Тачыцкая
Nadzieja Tačyckaja
Заслона неўміручасці. Аповед
The veil of immortality. A short story


Канстанцін Філосаф
Constantine of Kostenets
Проглас. Прадмова Яўгена Усошына
Пераклад Алеся Камоцкага
Prohlas. A Foreword by Jaŭhien Usošyn
Translated by Aleś Kamocki
Чарльз Букоўскі
Charles Bukowski
Святло, і паветра, і месяц, і час
Пераклад Ганны Комар
Air and light and time and space
Translated by Hanna Komar


Станіслаў Пшыбышэўскі
Stanisław Przybyszewski
Снег. Драма на чатыры дзеі
Пераклад Лявона Баршчэўскага
Пасляслоўе Пятра Васючэнкі
The Snow. A drama in four acts
Translated by Lavon Barščeuski
An afterword by Piatro Vasiučenka


Сяргей Шапран
Siarhiej Šapran
Уладзімір Някляеў. Незавершаная аўтабіяграфія. Старонкі новай кнігі (Працяг)
Uładzimir Niaklajeŭ. Unfinished autobiography.
Pages from the new book (Continuation)


Сяргей Чыгрын
Uładzimir Sodal
Яму сніліся Скарына і Міндоўг
Творчы партрэт Міколы Арочкі
A fife is heard - I'm alive
On the history of writing "Belarusian Fife" by F. Bahuševič


Уладзімір Содаль
Дудка грае – ён жывы. Да гісторыі напісання "Дудкі Беларускай" Багушэвіча
Ала Сямёнава
Ała Siamionava
"І выпіта святло да дна…" Эцюд
"The Light Was Drunk to the Dregs…" An etude


Мікола Гіль
Mikoła Hil
Як я слухаў Купалу
Аповед-згадка з файлаў ганебных часін
How I listened to Kupala
A short story-reminiscence from the files of shameful times
Сяржук Сыс
Siaržuk Sys


Людміла Рублеўская
Liudmiła Rubleuskaja
Аліг’еры ў лужыне
Адно пафаснае падарожжа
Alighieri in the puddle
One pathetic trip


Уладзімір Дрындрожык
Uładzimir Dryndrožyk
Гісторыя беларускае музыкі – суцэльная белая пляміна
Гутарка Уладзіміра Дрындрожыка з Віктарам Сямашкам
The history of Belarusian music is a whole blind-spot
Viktar Siamaška talking to Uładzimir Dryndrožyk


Здалёк і зблізку
Маладыя гомельскія даследчыкі -
пра сучасны літаратурны працэс
From Far and Near
Young Gomel researchers - about the contemporary literary process


Ганна Навумава
Hanna Navumava
Таямніца сербскай душы
Рэцэнзія на кнігу Джорджы Нікаліча
The Secret of the Serbian Soul
Review of the book by Djordje Nikolic
Віктар Сазонаў
Viktar Sazonaŭ
Запаўняць пустоты вершамі
Рэцэнзія на кнігу Сержука Сыса
To Fill the Void with Poems
Review of the book by Siaržuk Sys


Focal points     click for more

The politics of privacy
The Snowden leaks and the ensuing NSA scandal made the whole world debate privacy and data protection. Now the discussion has entered a new phase - and it's all about policy. A focal point on the politics of privacy: claiming a European value. [more]

Beyond Fortress Europe
The fate of migrants attempting to enter Fortress Europe has triggered a new European debate on laws, borders and human rights. A focal point featuring reportage alongside articles on policy and memory. With contributions by Fabrizio Gatti, Seyla Benhabib and Alessandro Leogrande. [more]

Russia in global dialogue
In the two decades after the end of the Cold War, intellectual interaction between Russia and Europe has intensified. It has not, however, prompted a common conversation. The focal point "Russia in global dialogue" seeks to fuel debate on democracy, society and the legacy of empire. [more]

Ukraine in focus
Ten years after the Orange Revolution, Ukraine is in the throes of yet another major struggle. Eurozine provides commentary on events as they unfold and further articles from the archive providing background to the situation in today's Ukraine. [more]

Eurozine BLOG

On the Eurozine BLOG, editors and Eurozine contributors comment on current affairs and events. What's behind the headlines in the world of European intellectual journals?
Victor Tsilonis
Greek bailout referendum, Euro Summit, Germope
Victor Tsilonis of "Intellectum" (Greece) comments on recent developments in the Greek crisis: the short-lived euphoria of the 5 July referendum, Alexis Tsipras's subsequent "mental waterboarding", and the outlook for a German-led Europe. [more]

Time to Talk     click for more

Time to Talk, a network of European Houses of Debate, has partnered up with Eurozine to launch an online platform. Here you can watch video highlights from all TTT events, anytime, anywhere.
Neda Deneva, Constantina Kouneva, Irina Nedeva and Yavor Siderov
Does migration intensify distrust in institutions?
How do migration and institutional mistrust relate to one another? As a new wave of populism feeds on and promotes fears of migration, aggrandising itself through the distrust it sows, The Red House hosts a timely debate with a view to untangling the key issues. [more]

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Felix Stalder
Digital solidarity
As the culture and institutions of the Gutenberg Galaxy wane, Felix Stalder looks to commons, assemblies, swarms and weak networks as a basis for remaking society in a more inclusive and diverse way. The aim being to expand autonomy and solidarity at the same time. [more]

Literature     click for more

Olga Tokarczuk
A finger pointing at the moon
Our language is our literary destiny, writes Olga Tokarczuk. And "minority" languages provide a special kind of sanctuary too, inaccessible to the rest of the world. But, there again, language is at its most powerful when it reaches beyond itself and starts to create an alternative world. [more]

Piotr Kiezun, Jaroslaw Kuisz
Literary perspectives special: Witold Gombrowicz
The recent publication of the private diary of Witold Gombrowicz provides unparalleled insight into the life of one of Poland's great twentieth-century novelists and dramatists. But this is not literature. Instead: here he is, completely naked. [more]

Literary perspectives
The re-transnationalization of literary criticism
Eurozine's series of essays aims to provide an overview of diverse literary landscapes in Europe. Covered so far: Croatia, Sweden, Austria, Estonia, Ukraine, Northern Ireland, Slovenia, the Netherlands and Hungary. [more]

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Europe talks to Europe
Nationalism in Belgium might be different from nationalism in Ukraine, but if we want to understand the current European crisis and how to overcome it we need to take both into account. The debate series "Europe talks to Europe" is an attempt to turn European intellectual debate into a two-way street. [more]

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Eurozine emerged from an informal network dating back to 1983. Since then, European cultural magazines have met annually in European cities to exchange ideas and experiences. Around 100 journals from almost every European country are now regularly involved in these meetings.
Law and Border. House Search in Fortress Europe
The 26th European Meeting of Cultural Journals
Conversano, 3-6 October 2014
Eurozine's 2014 conference in southern Italy, not far from Lampedusa, addressed both EU refugee and immigration policies and intellectual partnerships across the Mediterranean. Speakers included Italian investigative journalist Fabrizio Gatti and Moroccan feminist and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Rita El Khayat. [more]

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Multimedia section including videos of past Eurozine conferences in Vilnius (2009) and Sibiu (2007). [more]

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