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Robert Menasse

A brief history of the European future

Or, why we must earn our inheritance

The sooner Europe gets used to a future without the nation-state, the better, writes Robert Menasse. Amnesia about what the unification project originally meant is causing a catastrophic lack of imagination about where it is heading. [Catalan version added] [ more ]

István Józsa, Geert Lovink

From data to Dada

Marc-Olivier Padis

The paranoid style in the digital era

Julia Macher

Catalan impasse

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Host | 8/2015


L'Espill | 50 (2015)

The European crisis. Europe as an idea and as a project today

Eurozine Review

Eurozine Review

Of technological waves and political frontiers

"Wespennest" refuses to let the machines takeover; "Letras Libres" sees citizen power as the key to a post-national European democracy; "Soundings" strikes out for a new political frontier in British politics; "Il Mulino" traces the shifting contours of the European debate on sovereignty; "Blätter" seeks ways out of the Catalan impasse; "New Eastern Europe" appeals to Europe's goodwill and openness amid refugee crisis; "Arena" reaffirms the Swedish people's overwhelming support for a humanitarian refugee policy; "Merkur" traverses the analogue-digital divide; and "Esprit" samples the paranoid style in the digital age.

Eurozine Review

Beyond imagination or control

Eurozine Review

What animates us?

Eurozine Review

If the borders were porous

Eurozine Review

That which one does not entirely possess

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Dziejaslou 77 (2015)
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77 (2015)



Юрка Голуб
Yurka Holub
Готландскі нататнік. Вершы
Gotland notebook. Poems
Sviatłana Ramanava
Вызначэннемастацтва. Вершы
The definition of art. Poems
Алесь Каско
Aleś Kasko
Цені і водбліскі. Вершы
Shadows and reflections. Poems
Мікіта Найдзёнаў
Mikita Najdzionaŭ
Неягодзэн. Вершы
Not his zen. Poems
Aрцём Сітнікаў
Arciom Sitnikaŭ
ДабравешчаннеВолі. Вершы
Annunciation of freedom. Poems
Pагнед Малахоўскі
Rahnied Małachoŭski
Рамантык гіне. Вершы
The romantic dies. Poems


Aлесь Усеня
Aleś Usienia
Дырэктармогілак, абоТрыдні натымсвеце. Аповесць
The boss of the cemetery or three days in the other world. А story
Aдам Глобус
Adam Hłobus
Смерцьадвялікай любові
Кароткая аповесць пра захапленні
The death caused by the great love
A short story about passions
Aлена Брава
Alena Brava
МёдЧорнагаМесяца. Апавяданне
Honey of the black moon. A short story
Cяргей Абламейка
Siarhiej Abłamiejka
Тастамент. Два апавяданні
The testament. Two short stories
Yладзімір Сцяпан
Uładzimir Sciapan
Салдацкі гузік. Запісы 1983-1985 гг
The soldier's button. Notes (1983-1985)
Bіктар Казько
Viktar Kaźko
Накручку. Нізка апавяданняў (Працяг)
On the hook. A selection of short stories


Зміцер Копаць
Zmicier Kopać
Слоік Свабоды. Апавяданне
A jar of freedom. A short story


Тадэвуш Ружэвіч
Tadevuš Ruževič
Падзенне. Верш і паэма
Пераклад Сяргея Прылуцкага
The falling. Poems. Translated by Siarhiej Pryłucki


Генадзь Бураўкін
Hienadź Buraŭkin
Сяргей Шапран - пра развітальныя сустрэчы з Генадзем Бураўкіным. (Заканчэнне)
The last interview
Siarhiej Šapran - about the farewell meetings with Hienadź Buraŭkin. (The ending)


Сяргей Чыгрын
Siarhiej Čyhryn
Яму снілісяСкарынаі Міндоўг
Творчы партрэт Міколы Арочкі
He dreamed of Skaryna and Mindoŭh
A creative portrait of Mikoła Aročka


Сяргей Шапран
Siarhiej Šapran
Уладзімір Някляеў. Незавершанаяаўта біяграфія
Старонкі новай кнігі. (Працяг)
Uładzimir Niaklajeŭ. Unfinished autobiography
Pages from the new book


ЮрыПацюпа, Вячаслаў Мартысюк
Jury Paciupa, Viačaslaŭ Martysiuk
Праўдадзесьці побач
Пра атрыбуцыю і фалькларызацыю. (Заканчэнне)
The truth is out there
Attribution and Becoming Folklore. (The ending)


Міхась Скобла
Michaś Skobła
Саркафагі страху. З будучай кнігі
Sarcophaguses of fear. From the upcoming book



Непрыдуманаялітаратура/ літаратура нон-фікшну Беларусі - штогэта? Круглы стол
Non-fiction literature in Belarus - what is it? A round table


Славамір Адамовіч
Słavamir Adamovič
МаяУкраіна. Восем эпісодый аднаго жыцця
My Ukraine. Eight episodes of one life


Сяргей Казак
Siarhiej Kazak
"Тут ёсцьі жывеБеларусь!"
Беларуская прысутнасць на старонках украінскіх эмігранцкіх выданняў
"There is Belarus and long live!"
Belarusian presence on the pages of Ukrainian emigre publications


Iryna Šaŭlakova
ЛюбіцьЗеўса: сацыялогіялітаратуры як "прываротнаясіла"
To love Zeus: Sociology of literature as "a love force"


Leanid Hałubovič
Слядыў сумётах
Рэцэнзія на кнігу Таццяны Барысік
Footprints in the snow. Review of the book by Tacciana Barysik


Новыя выданні на кніжных паліцах "Дзеяслова"
Dziejasłoú's Stock
New books on Dziejasłoŭ's shelves.


Focal points     click for more

The politics of privacy
The Snowden leaks and the ensuing NSA scandal made the whole world debate privacy and data protection. Now the discussion has entered a new phase - and it's all about policy. A focal point on the politics of privacy: claiming a European value. [more]

Beyond Fortress Europe
The fate of migrants attempting to enter Fortress Europe has triggered a new European debate on laws, borders and human rights. A focal point featuring reportage alongside articles on policy and memory. With contributions by Fabrizio Gatti, Seyla Benhabib and Alessandro Leogrande. [more]

Russia in global dialogue
In the two decades after the end of the Cold War, intellectual interaction between Russia and Europe has intensified. It has not, however, prompted a common conversation. The focal point "Russia in global dialogue" seeks to fuel debate on democracy, society and the legacy of empire. [more]

Ukraine in focus
Ten years after the Orange Revolution, Ukraine is in the throes of yet another major struggle. Eurozine provides commentary on events as they unfold and further articles from the archive providing background to the situation in today's Ukraine. [more]

Eurozine BLOG

On the Eurozine BLOG, editors and Eurozine contributors comment on current affairs and events. What's behind the headlines in the world of European intellectual journals?
Victor Tsilonis
Greek bailout referendum, Euro Summit, Germope
Victor Tsilonis of "Intellectum" (Greece) comments on recent developments in the Greek crisis: the short-lived euphoria of the 5 July referendum, Alexis Tsipras's subsequent "mental waterboarding", and the outlook for a German-led Europe. [more]

Time to Talk     click for more

Time to Talk, a network of European Houses of Debate, has partnered up with Eurozine to launch an online platform. Here you can watch video highlights from all TTT events, anytime, anywhere.
Neda Deneva, Constantina Kouneva, Irina Nedeva and Yavor Siderov
Does migration intensify distrust in institutions?
How do migration and institutional mistrust relate to one another? As a new wave of populism feeds on and promotes fears of migration, aggrandising itself through the distrust it sows, The Red House hosts a timely debate with a view to untangling the key issues. [more]

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Timothy Snyder
Europe and Ukraine: Past and future
The history of Ukraine has revealed the turning points in the history of Europe. Prior to Ukraine's presidential elections in May 2014, Timothy Snyder argued cogently as to why Ukraine has no future without Europe; and why Europe too has no future without Ukraine. [more]

Literature     click for more

Karl Ove Knausgård
Out to where storytelling does not reach
To write is to write one's way through the preconceived and into the world on the other side, to see the world as children can, as fantastic or terrifying, but always rich and wide-open. Karl Ove Knausgård on creating literature. [more]

Jonathan Bousfield
Growing up in Kundera's Central Europe
Jonathan Bousfield talks to three award-winning novelists who spent their formative years in a Central Europe that Milan Kundera once described as the kidnapped West. It transpires that small nations may still be the bearers of important truths. [more]

Literary perspectives
The re-transnationalization of literary criticism
Eurozine's series of essays aims to provide an overview of diverse literary landscapes in Europe. Covered so far: Croatia, Sweden, Austria, Estonia, Ukraine, Northern Ireland, Slovenia, the Netherlands and Hungary. [more]

Debate series     click for more

Europe talks to Europe
Nationalism in Belgium might be different from nationalism in Ukraine, but if we want to understand the current European crisis and how to overcome it we need to take both into account. The debate series "Europe talks to Europe" is an attempt to turn European intellectual debate into a two-way street. [more]

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Eurozine emerged from an informal network dating back to 1983. Since then, European cultural magazines have met annually in European cities to exchange ideas and experiences. Around 100 journals from almost every European country are now regularly involved in these meetings.
Law and Border. House Search in Fortress Europe
The 26th European Meeting of Cultural Journals
Conversano, 3-6 October 2014
Eurozine's 2014 conference in southern Italy, not far from Lampedusa, addressed both EU refugee and immigration policies and intellectual partnerships across the Mediterranean. Speakers included Italian investigative journalist Fabrizio Gatti and Moroccan feminist and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Rita El Khayat. [more]

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Multimedia section including videos of past Eurozine conferences in Vilnius (2009) and Sibiu (2007). [more]

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