International conference: Bob Dylan and the Nobel Prize

Potsdam and Caputh, 13 May 2013

29 April 2013
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Did Bob Dylan really do for popular music what Einstein did for physics? Should Dylan win the Nobel Prize for Literature? And what of his place in literary scholarship? The Einstein Forum reflects on five decades of Dylan's song writing and performing at the workshop "Einstein disguised as Robin Hood: Bob Dylan and the Nobel Prize".

The Einstein Forum, a Eurozine associate, has set out compelling grounds for the concept of the upcoming workshop Einstein disguised as Robin Hood: Bob Dylan and the Nobel Prize that will take place in Potsdam and Caputh on 13 May 2013:

“Since 1996, Bob Dylan has been nominated every year for the Nobel Prize in Literature. […] After President Obama recently presented him with the United States’ highest honour, many hoped the Swedish Academy would follow suit. There are dissenting voices among Dylan admirers, who hold his work to be sufficiently unique as to make a Nobel Prize superfluous; others have argued that while Dylan may not need the Nobel Prize, the Nobel Prize needs Dylan. All this is reason enough to reflect on 50 years of ever-surprising work.”

Einstein Forum director and Eurozine Advisory Board member Susan Neiman will introduce the event and speakers include lawyer and scholar Michelle Engert; historian of rock’n’roll and world authority on Dylan’s oeuvre Michael Gray; poet and literary critic Stephen Scobie, and Clinton Heylin, who has been commissioned to write the cover notes for a 50-CD box set of Dylan’s complete albums due out in September. The prominent scholar of American history Sean Wilentz, who has served as historian-in-residence at Dylan’s official website since 2001, completes the programme in Potsdam.

Upon transferring to Einstein’s summer house in Caputh, Daniel Cohn-Bendit provides a keynote speech entitled “Bob and I: The Saga of a Generation”.

Eurozine is a media partner of Einstein disguised as Robin Hood: Bob Dylan and the Nobel Prize.

Free entry and open to all without registration.

Announcement at the Einstein Forum website, including full programme

Published 29 April 2013

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