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4 June 2013
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In recent years, Hungary has been a constant concern for anyone interested in European politics and Eurozine has published extensively on different aspects of the Hungarian situation. Ahead of the Hungarian elections in 2014, we have collected some of those articles dealing with both recent developments and broader issues relating to Hungarian politics, history and culture.

This collection of texts puts into perspective how, after the fall of the Iron Curtain, Hungary’s democratic reforms were held up as an example to the states of central eastern Europe. Twenty years later, the political process suffered a sudden reversal following the election in 2010 of the Fidesz government under Viktor Orbán. Now the dismantling of Hungary’s political and constitutional system continues.

However, the focus also includes a series of responses to serious unrest on the streets of Budapest in September 2006 after the then Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány admitted to downplaying the scale of the national debt in the run-up to elections earlier the same year.

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Published 4 June 2013

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