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Shalini Randeria, Anna Wójcik

Mobilizing law for solidarity

An interview with Shalini Randeria

Legal transnationalization takes place at different paces, setting human rights against trade and property protections, argues social anthropologist Shalini Randeria. The instrumentalization of solidarity by nascent ethno-nationalism must be resisted at the political not the legal level. [ more ]

Ira Katznelson, Agnieszka Rosner

Solidarity after Machiavelli

Camille Leprince, Lynn SK

Portraits of three women...

Ilaria Morani

Street art, power and patronage

Eurozine Review

Eurozine Review

The destruction of society

'Osteuropa' rages at the destruction of Russian society; 'Merkur' delves into the history of Eurasianism; 'Vikerkaar' is sanguine about the decline of universalism; 'New Eastern Europe' has divided opinions about borders; 'Ord&Bild' finds humanism at sea; 'Il Mulino' debates the difficulties of democracy in Italy and the West; 'Blätter' seeks responses to the whitelash; 'Mittelweg 36' historicizes pop and protest; 'Critique & Humanism' looks at Bulgarian youth cultures; 'Res Publica Nowa' considers labour; and 'Varlik' examines the origins of literary modernism in Turkey.

Eurozine Review

The ordinary state of emergency

Eurozine Review

The Lilliput syndrome

Eurozine Review

The violent closet?

Eurozine Review

Peak democracy?

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Eurozine Articles

Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine partner: Symbol (Kosovo)

The Albanian-language cultural journal "Symbol" has joined the Eurozine network. Established in 2013, the magazine is intended as a bridge between cultures and a forum where different artists articulate their visions. "Symbol" features writings on literature, theatre, film, music, media and the arts. [more]


Eurozine News Item

After Brexit: Shock and disbelief

How the UK referendum result is being received across Europe

Will 23 June 2016 go down in history as having an equal but opposite impact to that of 9 November 1989? This is one of many questions that editors at Eurozine partner journals considered when asked about their initial responses to the Brexit decision, and its reception in their home countries. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Eurozine at the Prague European Summit, 6-8 June

This year's Prague European Summit took place at the Lobkowicz Palace in Prague Castle. Topics up for discussion included the future of the Schengen Area; the implications of the UK referendum on EU membership, for both eurosceptic and mainstream pro-Europe political parties; and the likely impact of November's US presidential election on transatlantic relations. [more]


Eurozine News Item

St. Petersburg Debate on Europe

Anna Akhmatova Literary and Memorial Museum, 15-18 May

Russia in Europe -- Russia and Europe is the title of the current Debate on Europe, taking place at the Anna Akhmatova Literary and Memorial Museum in Saint Petersburg from 15 to 18 May. The event is intended as a platform for communication about the forms and prospects of neighbourhood between Russia and Europe today. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine partner: Ny Tid (Norway)

The Norwegian monthly "Ny Tid" has joined the Eurozine network. Through an international and critical lens, "Ny Tid" examines global conflicts, migration, surveillance and environmental issues. The publication's wide-ranging cultural section stands out for its sustained focus on documentary film. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Border anxiety

Public debate at the Central European University, Budapest, 19 February at 15:00 CET

As temporary border controls across Europe threaten to become permanent in response to the refugee crisis, there is a spirit of separatism in the air. Leading commentators from central Europe assembled in Budapest to discuss how to reverse the deepening divisions among EU member states. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine partner: Czas Kultury

Polish journal "Czas Kultury" has joined the Eurozine network. The journal's title means "Time of culture" -- and in thirty years of publishing, the Poznan-based outlet has continuously moved with both the times and the dramatic cultural and social shifts that have shaped the public sphere. [more]


Eurozine News Item

The spiral of violence

After the Paris terror attacks

On Friday 13 November, Paris suffered an unprecedented set of terrorist attacks less than a year after those targeting "Charlie Hebdo" and a Jewish supermarket. Once again, we review the initial responses of Eurozine partner journals, associates and authors. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Neighbourhood in Europe: Prospects of a common future

Belarus, Estonia, Russia and Ukraine: four countries whose destinies are tightly interwoven. Now the S. Fischer Foundation, the German Academy of Language and Literature, and Allianz Cultural Foundation have created a transnational platform for discussing the most pressing country-specific topics in a common European context. Eurozine is the platform's media partner. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine associate:

Croatian web portal has joined the Eurozine network. Over the last decade, the portal has become an indispensable source of information on Croatia's independent cultural scene, especially where contemporary art, cultural practices and civil society are concerned. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Maidan, Occupy, anti-ACTA

Protest movements in eastern and western Europe

Young people are increasingly using tools of direct democracy in both eastern and western Europe. Take the anti-ACTA protests in Poland or university occupations in Sofia or Skopje; or Occupy London or the Spanish indignados movement. But how do these movements compare? And how do they fit into the bigger picture of European radical politics? [more]


Eurozine News Item

The 2016 Jean Améry Prize for European essay writing

Together with German publishing house Klett-Cotta and the Allianz Cultural Foundation, Eurozine is a partner of the Jean Améry Prize for European essay writing. The Prize honours essayists of the highest calibre who have contributed to the intellectual discourse in Europe, across borders. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine associate: Fondazione Giuseppe Di Vagno

Following the success of Eurozine's 2014 conference, which Fondazione Giuseppe Di Vagno co-organized and hosted, Eurozine and the foundation continue to cooperate closely. Eurozine is therefore delighted to announce one of Italy's most vibrant cultural organizations as a new associate. [more]


Eurozine News Item

The future of politics

Lector in fabula festival, Conversano (Italy), 10-13 September

The eleventh Lector in fabula festival took place from 10 to 13 September in Conversano, Italy. Leading European intellectuals, broadcasters, filmmakers, photographers and activists met to discuss the future of politics, with a special emphasis on European cultural integration. [more]


Eurozine News Item

The School of Kyiv – Kyiv Biennial 2015

8 September – 1 November

This year's Kyiv Biennial provides fora for an international cast of artists and intellectuals to address issues of burning importance for the citizens of Ukraine, Europe and beyond. Exhibitions and arenas for public reflection offer a basis for imagining egalitarian and alternative futures, as well as the counter-propositions of art. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Festival Dilema Veche

Alba Iulia, Romania, 21-23 Augsut 2015

Eurozine partner "Dilema Veche" (Romania) holds its annual celebration of European culture in the city of Alba Iulia from 21 to 23 August 2015. A lively and inspiring programme includes numerous live concerts and public readings, as well as film screenings and public debates. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine partner: Poeteka

The Albanian quarterly "Poeteka" has joined the Eurozine Network. "Poeteka" entered Albania's cultural sphere in 2005. Ever since, a self-organizing group of writers, critics, translators, scholars, social activists and artists have published their works in its pages, which constitute a cultural movement just as much as a cultural journal. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine partner: Revue Projet

The French journal "Revue Projet" has joined the Eurozine Network. The journal prides itself in offering a forum for debate about social and political themes that rarely receive the coverage they deserve elsewhere. Working in tandem with socially committed partners and researchers, its content is as accessible as it is insightful. [more]


Eurozine News Item

First Res Publica Festival

Warsaw, 25-26 June 2015

The first Res Publica Festival took place in Warsaw on Friday 26 June. The festival showcased and explored innovation in central Europe, with a special focus on media, tech and urban spheres. Highlights included contributions by Adam Greenfield and Justin McGuirk. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Between truth and power

Interdisciplinary conference, Riga, 1-2 May 2015

Who has the power to write Europe's narrative? At an event in the National Library of Latvia, Riga, that coincides with Latvia's presidency of the Council of the EU, leading scholars and writers discuss the role of authors in building and changing Europe. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Wojciech Przybylski assumes post of Editor-in-Chief

On 1 May, Wojciech Przybylski took up his new post as Editor-in-Chief of Eurozine, after a successful spell at the prestigious Polish journal "Res Publica Nowa". Commenting on what the future holds, Przybylski sets out his vision for Eurozine amid the challenges and controversies of our time. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Eurozine at DIONYS'HUM

Cultural networks event in Paris, 14-16 April 2015

Between 14 and 16 April, DIONYS'HUM takes place at the Maison des Sciences de l'Homme in Paris. Incoming Eurozine editor-in-chief Wojciech Przybylski will be joined by Eurozine partner journal editors and regular Eurozine contributors for a roundtable on European networks. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine partner: Vagant

The award-winning Norwegian quarterly "Vagant" has joined the Eurozine network. Headquartered in Berlin, the literary journal's editorial network is spread across several Norwegian cities, as well as Copenhagen, Rome and Stockholm. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine partner: Razpotja

The Slovenian quarterly "Razpotja" has joined the Eurozine network. Established in 2010, "Razpotja" swiftly emerged as a leading platform for young thinkers and authors. The journal now provides a unique space for new cultural and intellectual encounters. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Editor-in-Chief of Eurozine

Wojciech Przybylski takes over after Carl Henrik Fredriksson

Wojciech Przybylski, who currently heads the prestigious Polish journal "Res Publica Nowa", is to succeed Carl Henrik Fredriksson as Eurozine's Editor-in-Chief. Fredriksson will leave his position on 31 March of this year. [more]


Eurozine News Item

War and peace in Ukraine

Public event

What has become of the hopes expressed by the protesters on the Maidan – joining Europe, restoring democracy, overcoming corruption? And what has become of the promises made by the West? One year on, on 19 January 2015, Kyiv Post editor Katya Gorchinskaya and Sweden's Ambassador to the OSCE Fredrik Löjdquist discuss the future of Ukraine -- and of Europe. [more]


Eurozine News Item

The critical spirit

Eurozine partners respond to the attack on Charlie Hebdo

On Wednesday 7 January, several of our colleagues were killed in an abominable attack on the editorial offices of the magazine "Charlie Hebdo" in Paris. Meanwhile, Eurozine partners have responded in various ways. [more]


Eurozine News Item

The attack on Charlie Hebdo

Free speech, Islam and violence: from the archives and first reactions

Updated 13.01.2015 On Wednesday, several of our colleagues were killed in an abominable attack on the editorial offices of the magazine "Charlie Hebdo" in Paris. The shooting of at least twelve people was also an attack on one of the basic principles of an open society: the freedom of speech and expression. In such a situation there can be no buts and no perspectives. And yet, now more than ever, we need "slow journalism", we need reflection rather than reflexes. We recommend articles from the Eurozine archives that can help see the bigger picture and note the first reactions from our partner magazines. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Time to Talk: Highlights

Eurozine's sister site Time to Talk livestreams an English-language debate on the future of the State entitled "Work for all?", hosted by Eurozine partner and TTT member "Kultura Liberalna". Plus highlights from the 2014 Central European Forum. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Livestreams from the European public sphere

Debates at the Central European Forum, Bratislava, 15-17 November

Commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, this year's Central European Forum addresses the entrenched polarization of societies across the former Eastern bloc and beyond. Plus catch up with coverage of "The vote against the EU: populism or protest?" [more]


Eurozine News Item

26th European Meeting of Cultural Journals held in Italy

Conference report

The new European debate on laws, borders and human rights was the subject of this year's Eurozine conference, held in Conversano from 3 to 6 October, and co-organized by La Fondazione Giuseppe Di Vagno and Eurozine partner journal "Lettera internazionale". The conference gathered over 100 editors and intellectuals from all over Europe. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Literatur im Herbst 2014 looks to the North

7-9 November 2014, Theater Odeon, Vienna

The Literatur im Herbst festival 2014 takes place in Vienna from 7 to 9 November. Over three days, 14 authors read from their works and talk about the heroes, ideals and illusions associated with some of Europe's northernmost territories, the borders of which seem to shift ceaselessly. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Kultura Liberalna and Index on Censorship livestreams

Two debates organized by Eurozine partner journals will be livestreamed, including on Eurozine sister site Time to Talk. "Kultura Liberalna" debates youth unemployment in Europe and, to launch its autumn issue, "Index on Censorship" asks: will the future of journalism mean we are better informed? [more]


Eurozine News Item

Stories without borders

Exhibitions showing parallel to Eurozine's 2014 conference are about to open in Conversano, Italy, and can already be viewed online. See how cartography encounters photography in conveying the migrations of the world's peoples, with a focus on Fortress Europe itself. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Lost in transition?

Central Eastern European Meeting streamed at Time to Talk

Eurozine's sister site Time to Talk will stream the main public debates taking place at the Central Eastern European Meeting. "Does Central Eastern Europe exist?" is one of the questions addressed by, among others, Boris Buden, Slawomir Sierakowski and Nataliia Neshevets. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New debates online at Time to Talk

Eurozine's sister site Time to Talk, a pan-European network of centres of debate, is running hot this summer. The current focus is "The crisis of trust in Europe: How to build new bonds of mutual confidence". So how does mistrust hinder collective action? And what can be done about it? [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine partner: Frakcija

Croatian performing arts journal "Frakcija" has joined the Eurozine network. A mainstay of Croatia's independent scene, the journal works in partnership with an impressive range of production units, performing arts centres and festivals throughout Europe. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine partner: A2

The Czech cultural biweekly "A2" has provided a provocative alternative to the cultural mainstream since 2005 and combines rigorous critique with a punk approach to all the latest developments in both Czech and international spheres. "A2" is a new Eurozine partner. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine partner: Kultura Liberalna

Polish online journal "Kultura Liberalna" has joined the Eurozine network. The "liberalism" in the title is not just a declaration of commitment to core liberal values but also an indication of openness to the world and all of its diverse social, political and cultural life. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Ukraine: Thinking together

Kyiv, 15-19 May 2014

At an international conference in Kyiv, taking place between 15 and 19 May, European, American and Russian intellectuals will meet their Ukrainian counterparts to discuss the meaning of Ukrainian pluralism for the future of Europe, Russia and the world. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine partner: Belgrade Journal of Media and Communications

"Belgrade Journal of Media and Communications" has joined the Eurozine network. The journal specializes in the political decoding of discursive formations concerning, among others, the end of history, post-secularism and the prospect of a cosmopolitan Europe. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine partner: pARTisan

"pARTisan", the Minsk-based magazine of contemporary Belarusian culture and world art, has joined the Eurozine network. For over a decade, the magazine's editorial team headed up by Artur Klinau has published a unique blend of aesthetic and intellectual content. [more]


Eurozine News Item

25th European meeting of cultural journals held in Norway

Conference report

As civil protest in Ukraine intensified, the production of the public sphere was the subject of this year's Eurozine conference, held in Oslo from 29 November to 2 December, and co-organized by the Norwegian Association of Journals and Eurozine partner journal "Syn og Segn". [more]


Eurozine News Item

International conference: Central European Forum

Bratislava, 15-17 November 2013

For the fifth year, Eurozine partners up with the Central European Forum, an international conference open to the public that will take place in Bratislava from 15 to 17 November. Participants include Timothy Snyder, Slavenka Drakulic, Leonidas Donskis, Marci Shore, Ilija Trojanow, Ales Debeljak and Egon Gál. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Literatur im Herbst 2013: Doing gender after Gender

15-17 November 2013, Theater Odeon, Vienna

The Literatur im Herbst festival 2013 takes place in Vienna from 15 to 17 November. Over three days, 23 authors will read from their works and talk about men and women, norms, love and power, under the title "Gender tun und lassen" ("Doing gender after Gender"). [more]


Eurozine News Item

The ends of Europe

Eurozine at Salon de la Revue in Paris

The Salon de la Revue is the leading annual event showcasing French cultural journals. On Sunday 13 October, Eurozine, in cooperation with "La Revue des Livres", will host a podium discussion on the future of the EU and the scope for radical democratic politics. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Denied entry to the "land of the brave and the free"

Updated 03.10.2013 Acclaimed novelist Ilija Trojanow was denied entry to the United States en route to the German Studies Association's annual conference on 30 September. Could this possibly have something to do with Trojanow's critical stance on NSA-led surveillance? [more]


Eurozine News Item

Nuori Voima returns as Eurozine partner

The venerable and visually expressive Finnish literary magazine "Nuori Voima" returns to the Eurozine network with a new look and a new outfit headed up by Martti-Tapio Kuuskoski. Contributors include writers, critics, translators, philosophers and scholars of all stripes. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Prism, privacy and politics with a small p

A background to the NSA leaks with links to further reading

Updated 27.06.2013 That the NSA can access user data from the Internet shouldn't come as a surprise. In the US, privacy has been losing the battle against security for decades. In Europe, the situation is different: but for how much longer? GCHQ snooping now tests European privacy culture. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Remappings: New book on European narratives

The European Cultural Foundation has published an essay collection entitled "Remappings: The Making of European Narratives". The book, which also includes a series of specially commissioned comic strips, investigates the interplay between narrative and mental maps of Europe. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Hungary in focus

In recent years, Hungary has been a constant concern for anyone interested in European politics. Ahead of elections in 2014, we present articles published in Eurozine on recent developments in Hungary and broader issues relating to Hungarian politics, history and culture. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Independent Levada Centre branded "foreign agent"

Eurozine partner "Osteuropa" is spearheading an appeal for solidarity with the Moscow-based Levada Centre, led by Lev Gudkov. Russian authorities accuse the independent research agency of being a "foreign agent". This is a blatant attack on academic freedom in Russia. [more]


Eurozine News Item

The end of the state?

Book presentation and discussion

The ideological wars of the last century were all about the future of the state. But that's past. Can the state survive without an animating mission? On 10 June in Vienna, Timothy Snyder and Ivan Krastev reflect on the basis of Snyder's and Tony Judt's book "Thinking the twentieth century". [more]


Eurozine News Item

International conference: Bob Dylan and the Nobel Prize

Potsdam and Caputh, 13 May 2013

Did Bob Dylan really do for popular music what Einstein did for physics? Should Dylan win the Nobel Prize for Literature? And what of his place in literary scholarship? The Einstein Forum reflects on five decades of Dylan's song writing and performing. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine partner: Prostory

"Prostory", the Ukrainian magazine for culture and social critique, has joined the Eurozine network. Its young editors are dedicated to "rethinking the Ukranian public sphere" by connecting local analysis of current social issues with the cultural translation of foreign narratives. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine Partner: New Eastern Europe

"New Eastern Europe", the English language quarterly for central and eastern European affairs, has joined the Eurozine network. Based in Krakow, Poland, it seeks to initiate debate among leading commentators from East and West. [more]


Eurozine News Item

It's Time to Talk

New online platform hosts European debates from nine countries

Time to Talk, a network of European Houses of Debate dedicated to promoting in-depth discussion of issues of European relevance, has partnered up with Eurozine to launch a new online platform. Watch video highlights from all TTT events, anytime, anywhere. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine Partner: Spilne

"Spilne", the Ukrainian journal for social critique, has joined the Eurozine network. The editors don't claim to report from a "neutral" position on social reality in Ukraine and the rest of the world but stress that "society needs not only to be studied, but also changed". [more]


Eurozine News Item

Arche faces closure by the Belarusian authorities

"Arche" magazine faces closure by the Belarusian authorities as editor Valery Bulhakau faces charges of extremism and illegal business activities that could land him a prison sentence of up to 7 years, following an innocuous book signing in September. [more]


Eurozine News Item

International conference: Central European Forum

Bratislava, 15-18 November 2012

For the fourth year, Eurozine partners up with the Central European Forum, an international conference open to the public that will take place in Bratislava from 15 to 18 November. Participants include Zygmunt Bauman, Oksana Zabuzhko, Leonidas Donskis, György Konrád, Ilija Trojanow, Adam Michnik and Robert Menasse. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine Partner: il Mulino

"il Mulino", the Italian bi-monthly review for culture and politics, has joined the Eurozine network. Founded in 1951 in Bologna it is one of Italy's most renowned journals and has been the starting point for numerous other initiatives, including the publishing house Il Mulino. [more]


Eurozine News Item

24th European meeting of cultural journals held in Hamburg

Conference report

Harbour cities as places of movement, immigration and emigration, of inclusion and exclusion: this was the starting point for this year's Eurozine conference, co-organized and hosted by the journal "Mittelweg 36" and the Hamburg Institute for Social Research. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine Partner: Schweizer Monat

"Schweizer Monat", the Swiss monthly for politics, economics and culture, has joined the Eurozine network. Founded in 1921, the journal draws on a long history as a liberal voice, in its current form acting as an independent contributor to the Swiss and European public debate. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine partner: Krytyka Polityczna

Polish journal "Krytyka Polityczna" is now collaborating with Eurozine. First published in 2002, the journal has become a major voice on the Polish Left, also running a publishing house, political think-tank and network of clubs throughout Poland. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine partner: Zarez

The Croatian biweekly "Zarez" is a medium for debate of social, political and cultural issues in the former-Yugoslavian countries and beyond. The journal supports the independent scene in Croatia and is to committed to a "socially responsible" role for "analytical media". [more]


Eurozine News Item

Subversive Forum

Zagreb, 13-19 May

In May, Zagreb will become a centre of critical thought as the Subversive Forum brings together leading political thinkers including Slavoj Zizek, Samir Amin, Stéphane Hessel, David Van Reybrouck and Saskia Sassen. Eurozine is a partner of the conference. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine associate: Free Speech Debate

Free Speech Debate is a multilingual and participatory website for the discussion of freedom of expression. Its aim, writes director Timothy Garton Ash, is to discover free speech norms that, in an increasingly post-western world, are genuinely universal. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Forty years of Index history

To celebrate its fortieth anniversary, Index on Censorship has made all of its back issues freely available online. "A literary treasure trove and also an historic document of the extremes of human behaviour -- from man at his most inhumane to man at his courageous." [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine partner: RozRazil

The Czech magazine "RozRazil" has joined the Eurozine network. Its roots closely connected with the theatre "Husa na provázku" in Brno, each issue is dedicated to a single theme approached through literary, artistic, professional and scholarly angles. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Criticize this!

New Eurozine associate creates a public space for the discussion on literature, criticism and politics. 16 to 19 February, Booksa organizes a "Criticize this!" event in Zagreb, questioning the use of art and literature to promote stereotyped identities. [more]


Eurozine News Item

We are more!

There urgently needs to be an increase on the 0.05 per cent available in the current EU budget for funding cultural experimentation around common European concerns. The "We are more!" campaign wants to see this deficit corrected in the next EU budget from 2014 to 2020. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine Associate: Dublin Review of Books

The "Dublin Review of Books" has joined the Eurozine network. A free online journal of ideas, the DRB publishes review-essays on Irish questions as well as issues of Europe's literary and cultural heritage and the future of its institutions and forms of government. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine partner: Letras Libres

The Spanish journal "Letras Libres" has joined the Eurozine network. Based in Madrid and also publishing a Mexican edition, the monthly describes its aim as being to act as a bridge between cultures and as a tool for dialogue between countries and continents. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine partner: La Revue nouvelle

The Belgian journal "La Revue nouvelle" has joined the Eurozine network. Based in Brussels, the French language monthly has a generalist approach, featuring issues from society, culture, politics, economics, literature, art and religion. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Literatur im Herbst 2011: Via Donau

28-30 October 2011, Odeon Theatre Vienna

The Literatur im Herbst literary festival 2011 will take place in Vienna from 28 to 30 October. Over three days, 23 authors from ten countries will be reading from and talking about their work, under the title "Via Donau: Literatur im Fluss" (Via Danube: Literature in flow). [more]


Eurozine News Item

Bloodlands: Europe between Hitler and Stalin

Book presentation and discussion

Timothy Snyder's book "Bloodlands" is a new kind of European narrative, viewing the mass murders committed by the Nazi and Stalinist regimes as two aspects of a single history. On 20 October, Snyder presents his book in Vienna and talks to Sybille Steinbacher. [more]


Eurozine News Item

The emperor of lies

Book presentation and discussion

Steve Sem-Sandberg's novel "The Emperor of Lies" has been widely acclaimed. But it is not uncontroversial. On Monday 24 October in Vienna, Sem-Sandberg talks to Martin Pollack about the book and about the many dos and don'ts surrounding literature about the Holocaust. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Central Europe as City: English language issue

Central Europe's cultural personality stems not from states but from cities, writes Marek Seckar in a collaborative English language issue of "Res Publica Nowa" on "Central Europe as City". Including authors from Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia. [more]


Eurozine News Item

23rd European Meeting of Cultural Journals held in Linz

The Eurozine conference on "Changing Media -- Media in Change" brought fresh insights to debates on the future of journalism, intellectual property and free speech, and made one thing clear: cultural journals are where reflexion and criticality combine with changing media strategies. [more]


Eurozine News Item

23rd European Meeting of Cultural Journals

Linz, 13-16 May

More than 100 editors, journalists and intellectuals are meeting in Linz this weekend at the 23 European Meeting of Cultural Journals. Entitled "Changing Media -- Media in Change", the conference is focusing on the state of the media in the wake of the digital revolution. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New from the printers: Eurozine im:print no. 2

Europe talks to Europe. A polylogue on culture and politics

The second volume of the Eurozine im:print series has just been published. The new issue contains public debates Eurozine organized across central and eastern Europe supplemented by further articles and interviews. Make sure you get your copy now! [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine partner: Beton

The Serbian journal "Beton" joins the Eurozine network. Started up in 2006, the monthly journal aims to establish "a pro-European atmosphere" in the media and to "counter nationalistic, philistine and provincial values hostile to diversity in Serbian society". [more]


Eurozine News Item

Chernobyl 25 years on

Eurozine marks the 25 anniversary of Chernobyl with Belarusian author Barys Piatrovich's moving recollections of the aftermath of the disaster; and the late German "Sun King" Hermann Scheer warns of the dangers of the pseudo-consensus on renewables and explains why double-standards are nowhere more apparent than in ongoing investment in nuclear power. Also: articles from the archives on Chernobyl and the energy question. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Vienna debate concludes "Europe talks to Europe" series

The EU: The real sick man of Europe?

European politics is a building site that makes a lot of noise but where nothing ever gets built, said Claus Offe at the concluding event in Eurozine's debate series "Europe talks to Europe". Pessimistic yet invigorating, the discussion featured prominent opinion makers from western and eastern Europe. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Eurozine nominated for the CIVIS Media Prize

Eurozine has been nominated for the European CIVIS Online Media Prize for integration and cultural diversity. The prize is awarded on 14 April in Berlin. "Topical and pluralistic -- here Europe talks with itself," says the jury about Eurozine. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Mute magazine loses its funding

Mute magazine (UK) has had its grant from the Arts Council of England cut by 100 per cent as from 2012. Mute was among the 200 or so "losers" in a latest round of funding cuts. Eurozine republishes a statement from the Mute editors here. [more]


Eurozine News Item

As if I am not there

Film screening in Vienna

Eurozine shows Juanita Wilson's film "As if I am not there". Disturbing and powerful, Wilson's drama chronicles the atrocities committed during the war in former Yugoslavia. The screening takes place on 27 April and will be introduced by Slavenka Drakulic, whose novel the film is based on. [more]


Eurozine News Item

The EU: the real sick man of Europe?

Public debate in Vienna

Democratic deficit, enlargement fatigue and ever more rescue funds. Is there still a future for a common Europe? At the concluding event in the series "Europe talks to Europe", taking place in Vienna on 13 April, prominent intellectuals and opinion makers from western and eastern Europe will diagnose the malaise of the EU. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine Associate: Einstein Forum

The Einstein Forum in Potsdam, Germany, is a public think-tank that provides a home for critical thinking outside the constraints of ordinary university discourse. They are currently offering a fellowship for outstanding young thinkers, details of which can be found here. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine partner: GAM

"GAM" has joined the Eurozine network. Published by the architecture faculty of Graz University of Technology, the well established magazine covers important, and often controversial, topics from the areas of architecture, urbanism and landscape. [more]


Eurozine News Item

The renationalization of Europe

Eurozine debate series continues in Lviv

The seventh debate in Eurozine's series "Europe talks to Europe" takes place on 10 February in Lviv. Belgian writer David Van Reybrouck and Ukrainian journalist and politician Andriy Shevchenko will discuss the resurgence of European nationalisms. [more]


Eurozine News Item

The case against Tintin

On 22 November, the publishers of Tintin in the Congo had to appear before a court in Brussels charged with racism. Morten Harper says that what is so controversial about the case is that the plaintiff is right but ought nonetheless not to be proven right. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Media, politics and the tyranny of opinion

Eurozine debate series continues in Sofia

We live in a media-driven culture of constant feedback. In Eurozine's series "Europe talks to Europe", Ivaylo Ditchev and Judith Vidal-Hall will discuss what room is left for politics in a social order determined by public opinion. The debate takes place on 6 December in Sofia. [more]


Eurozine News Item

International conference: Central European Forum

Bratislava, 5 and 6 November 2010

The Central European Forum, an international conference open to the public, will take place in Bratislava on 5 and 6 November 2010. Participants include Zygmunt Bauman, Claus Offe, Adam Michnik, László Földényi, Slavenka Drakulic, Mircea Cartarescu and Ivaylo Ditchev [more]


Eurozine News Item

Literatur im Herbst: Yugoslavia revisited

5-7 November 2010, Odeon Theatre, Vienna

Was Yugoslav nationalism better or worse than its Slovenian, Croatian or Serbian successors? Could Yugoslavia have continued to exist under other circumstances? These and other questions will be discussed in Vienna from 5 to 7 November. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Eurozine at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Eurozine will be at this year's Frankfurt Book Fair from 6 to 10 October at a joint stand together with the Eurozine partners "Du", "Merkur" and "Wespennest". We look forward to meeting readers, authors and editors in hall 3.1, Stand D106. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Public debate: Multiculturalism at its limits?

"Multiculturalism undermines the very opportunity that diversity offers: to enter into a dialogue about citizenship." In the fifth debate in Eurozine's series "Europe talks to Europe", Kenan Malik and Fero Sebej discussed an issue back at the top of the European political agenda. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Europe talks to Europe: Multiculturalism at its limits?

Eurozine debate series continues in Bratislava

If the western model of multiculturalism has reached its limits, what are then the alternatives that can help manage diversity? On 30 September in Bratislava, Kenan Malik and Fero Sebej will discuss an issue back at the top of the European political agenda. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine associate: ICORN

ICORN joins Eurozine as an associate. Run from Stavanger, Norway, ICORN invites persecuted writers to dwell in a safe haven in one of more than 30 member cities where they can express themselves freely, without fear of being censored or silenced. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine partner: New Literary Observer

"New Literary Observer" joins the Eurozine network. The Moscow based journal seeks to stimulate new approaches to culture, to reflect on the rapidly changing status of academic institutions, and to radically modernize the field of human sciences in Russia. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Public debate: The critical divide

Unlike in eastern Europe, Marxism in the West was never entirely discredited by proximity to state socialism. This has led to divergent intellectual currents in the last 20 years. In the series "Europe talks to Europe", Jirí Pehe and Benedict Seymour discussed Marxism as "critical divide". [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine partner: Syn og Segn

Norwegian journal "Syn og Segn" joins the Eurozine network. Aiming to provide a counter-cultural corrective in an increasingly narrow-minded media field, the journal emphasizes the importance of giving a platform to new female writers in a traditionally male dominated field. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Europe talks to Europe: The critical divide

Eurozine debate series continues in Brno

Does Marxism -- or even leftist politics -- mean one thing in the West and another in the East? The fourth debate in Eurozine's series "Europe talks to Europe" takes place on 18 May in Brno. Benedict Seymour and Jiri Pehe will discuss Marxism as analytical tool and political perspective. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine partner: Studija

"Studija" joins the Eurozine network. The visual arts magazine has been published in Latvia since 1997 and has become one of the most important art magazines in the Baltic region. Through humour and wit, "Studija" challenges the reader and adds value to critical art writing. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Conference: Digital publishing and its governance

Paris, 28-30 April 2010

Eurozine partners the organizers of an international conference on digital publishing "between knowledge and power", taking place in Paris from 28 to 30 April 2010. The event focuses on the challenges facing the human and social sciences in a "new knowledge ecosystem". [more]


Eurozine News Item

Public debate: Economy and ethics in crisis

Austrian author and journalist Robert Misik and Romanian economist and former minister of finance Daniel Daianu met in Bucharest on 31 March to discuss whether the financial crisis has opened up a new-old east-west divide in Europe. Read a report here. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Economy and ethics in crisis

"Europe talks to Europe" debate in Bucharest

In Eurozine's series "Europe talks to Europe", Robert Misik and Daniel Daianu will discuss the ethical and political implications of a globalized economy. Has the financial crisis opened up a new-old east-west divide? The debate takes place on 31 March in Bucharest. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine partner: Sarajevo Notebook

"Sarajevo Notebook" joins the Eurozine network. Founded in 2002 and published biannually, the independent regional journal aims to contribute to reconciliation in the Balkans by re-establishing lines of communication between regional and ethnic communities. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine partner: Dziejaslou

The Belarusian journal "Dziejaslou" joins the Eurozine network. The most influential independent title in Belarus covering literature, criticism and the arts, "Dziejaslou" publishes writing rejected by state-controlled journals. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine associate: NAQD

The Algerian journal of social criticism "NAQD" is now an associate of Eurozine. Published annually in French and Arabic, articles focus on key issues affecting the societies of Algeria, Maghreb and elsewhere in the Arabic-speaking world. [more]


Eurozine News Item

The Good Society Debate

Eurozine partner editors join a debate, co-initiated by "Soundings", on the possibility for a "new political narrative that combines sharp analysis of the shortcomings of the economies and societies we live in with an authentic and convincing vision for the future". [more]


Eurozine News Item

Eurozine im:print

New series of print collections

"Eurozine im:print" is a new series of print collections, compiling Eurozine articles and essays around topics of special interest to a transnational debate. The first issue is now published: "Literary perspectives. The re-transnationalisation of literary criticism". [more]


Eurozine News Item

International conference: Central European Forum

Bratislava, 17 and 18 November 2009

The Central European Forum, an international conference open to the public, will take place in Bratislava on 17 and 18 November 2009. Participants include Slavenka Drakulic, Vaclav Havel, György Konrád, Ivan Krastev, Adam Michnik, Martin Simecka and Timothy Snyder. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Literatur im Herbst: Dilemma 89

"Dilemma 89" is the topic of this year's "Literatur im Herbst", hosted by the Alte Schmiede in cooperation with "Wespennest" from 6 to 8 November in Vienna. Speakers include Herta Müller, Olga Tokarczuk, Jáchym Topol, Richard Wagner and Daniela Dahn. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Dilemma 89: Focal point

1989 represents not only an historic moment of liberation, but also a political and social dilemma for the present day. Eurozine compiles articles published by Eurozine partner journals over the course of the twentieth anniversary year. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Public debate: Memory and European citizenship

"To forget is to try not to remember what I already know", said Danuta Glondys at the second "Europe talks to Europe" debate. Arne Ruth instead pleaded for remembering and showed how cross-border journalism can help build universality into the European project. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Are we East or West?

Special issue of Res Publica Nowa in partnership with Eurozine

"Are we East or West?" asks Warsaw-based "Res Publica Nowa" in a special English language issue, the result of a cooperation between journals from the four Visegrad countries and Eurozine. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Memorial receives Sakharov Prize

On 22 October, the European Parliament awarded its annual Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought to Memorial, the prominent and embattled Russian human rights group. Recently, Eurozine published Memorial's manifesto on the "war of memories". [more]


Eurozine News Item

Breaking the bonds of national mythology

Warsaw debate on memory and European citizenship

The second debate in Eurozine's series "Europe talks to Europe" takes place on 27 October in Warsaw. Arne Ruth and Danuta Glondys will discuss politics of memory and how cross-border journalism can help build an element of real universality into the European project. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Challenges of freedom

International conference in Krakow

The conference "Challenges of freedom" takes place on 8 and 9 October in Krakow. The event, organized by Villa Decius in partnership with Eurozine, will discuss the essence of ideologies of liberation and the role of ethical values in initiating historical change. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Public debate: "Dilemma '89. My father was a communist"

"It was hard to ask someone who had been imprisoned what it was like being a communist. It took me twenty years to understand that I didn't understand what had happened in the 1950s." In the first in the Eurozine debate series "Europe talks to Europe", Martin M. Simecka talked to László Rajk in Budapest. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Europe talks to Europe: Dilemma '89

Eurozine debate series kicks off in Budapest

The first debate in Eurozine's series "Europe talks to Europe" takes place on 29 September in Budapest. Under the heading "Dilemma '89", Martin M. Simecka and László Rajk will discuss the legacy of communism as family history and public issue. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Eurozine conference held in Vilnius

22nd European Meeting of Cultural Journals, 8-11 May 2009

The 22nd European Meeting of Cultural Journals was a resounding success, with over eighty representatives of cultural journals from Iceland to Bosnia, Ireland to Belarus meeting in Vilnius to discuss the subject of "European Histories". It is not often that participants of such events say that it caused them to re-adjust their world-view, yet this is what some have claimed. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Theory and practice: Habermas at eighty

"Blätter" celebrates Jürgen Habermas' eightieth birthday on 18 June with an issue dedicated to the influential social philosopher. With contributions from Seyla Benhabib, Axel Honneth, Oskar Negt and others. [more]


Eurozine News Item

22nd European Meeting of Cultural Journals

European Histories

The 22nd European Meeting of Cultural Journals took place in Vilnius, Lithuania, 8 to 11 May 2009. Under the heading "European Histories", this year's Eurozine conference explored the role of history and memory in forming new identities in a Europe in change. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Arche issue judged "extremist"

A court in Belarus has ordered the destruction of copies of a recent issue of Eurozine partner "Arche" after ruling that it "discredits the Belarusian authorities, fuels social and political tension and incites revolt". Eurozine strongly criticizes the fact that press freedom continues to be restricted in Belarus. [more]


Eurozine News Item

From 1989 to 2009: History of a hope, end of an illusion?

Conference in Berlin

What came of the hopes and promises for freedom after the fall of the Berlin Wall, asks the international conference "Freedom within sight: Europe 1989/2009. History of a hope, end of an illusion?", co-organized by Eurozine partner Osteuropa on 18 and 19 March in Berlin. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Russia: Double murder another blow for human rights

Index on Censorship, together with Article 19 and English PEN, appeals to the Russian authorities to do everything in their power to bring to justice those responsible for the murder on 19 January of lawyer Stanislav Markelov and journalist Anastasia Barburova. [more]


Eurozine News Item

crosswords X mots croisés

21st European Meeting of Cultural Journals, Paris, 26-29 September 2008

The 21st European Meeting of Cultural Journals in Paris from 26-29 September 2008 explored the theme of multilingualism in Europe in terms of language policies, migration, translation and the European public sphere. Read a full round-up here. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Turkey: Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2008

To coincide with Turkey's status as Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2008, Eurozine publishes articles from "Varlik" magazine's 75-year anniversary anthology. The texts display many of the concerns that continue to occupy Turkish writers today. Also: Turkey in the Eurozine archives. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Eurozine conference held in Paris

More than 100 editors and intellectuals from all over Europe attended the 21st European Meeting of Cultural Journals in Paris last weekend. The conference explored multilingualism in Europe in terms of language policies, migration, translation and the European public sphere. [more]


Eurozine News Item

The 21st European Meeting of Cultural Journals

Crosswords x mots croisés

The 21st European Meeting of Cultural Journals is taking place in Paris this weekend. The conference will explore multilingualism in Europe and its relation to critical publishing against the backdrop of media transformation and the consolidation of network structures. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Eurozine at the European Social Forum, Malmö

Café Eurozine invites visitors to the European Social Forum in Malmö (17-21 September) to read issues of Eurozine partner journals over a cup of coffee. Including the seminar: "Creating a new European public sphere through cultural journals". [more]


Eurozine News Item

New partner: Res Publica Nowa

Warsaw-based journal "Res Publica Nowa" joins the Eurozine network. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Index on Censorship wins Amnesty award

Index on Censorship has won the prize for best periodical in the 17th Amnesty International UK Media Awards. Articles from the recent issue "How Free is the Russian Media?" were described as "stunning defences of principle". Read them here. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Lithuanian intellectual Bronys Savukynas dies at 78

Bronys Savukynas, renowned Lithuanian linguist, translator, and editor-in-chief of "Kulturos barai", died on Saturday 20 April in Vilnius. He was 78. Savukynas's contribution to Lithuanian intellectual culture was considerable. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Gallery for Cultural Journals at the Alte Schmiede, Vienna

Cultural journals have always been a central part of the programme at the Alte Schmiede (Old Smithy) in Vienna. Now, a broad selection of Austrian and European cultural journals, among them numerous Eurozine partner journals, can be read in their Gallery for Cultural Journals that opened on 11 February at Schönlaterngasse 7 in Vienna. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Cartoon controversy redux

The Danish cartoon controversy has flared up again after police foiled a murder attempt on one of the cartoonists. This prompted Danish and international newspapers to republish the offending image, arguing that free speech is a fundamental human right and a central tenet of democracy. Yet there are strong divergences among liberals about what the right to free speech entails, as reactions to the initial controversy in 2006 revealed. Read on for Eurozine's take on the debate the last time around. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Changing places (What's normal, anyway?)

20th European Meeting of Cultural Journals, Sibiu, 21-24 September 2007

The "revolution to normality" was a crucial metaphor of 1989 and beyond. Yet, as speakers at the 2007 Eurozine conference pointed out, the slogan bears more emotive force than conceptual clarity. Today's eastern Europe is a changing place; traditionally, too, it has produced émigré writers who "changed place". Where better than Sibiu, Romania, to discuss "writing in exile?" [more]


Eurozine News Item

Shared space, divided society

Cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue

In the framework of the Austrian "Aktionstage Politische Bildung", Eurozine presents a broad take on cultural diversity that goes beyond the common dichotomy between the forceful assimilation of the "melting pot" and multicultural segregation. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Changing Europe: 50 years of European integration

As political Europe turns 50, the questions about its future are as open as ever. A special focus featuring some of Eurozine's most outstanding contributions on the European project: From analyses of the current crisis to a hilarious parody of Brussels' literary ambitions. [more]


Eurozine News Item

More trouble for Belarusian journal

At the end of 2006, the journal Arche received a three-month suspension from the Belarusian Ministry of Information. Now Arche's publication of the three back issues has earned the magazine another "warning". [more]


Eurozine News Item

"Fronesis" celebrates Eurozine membership

"Fronesis" is the newest journal to join the Eurozine network. In Sweden, its new partner status has made headlines. "In a very short time, 'Fronesis' has established itself as an extremely important journal in Sweden", says Eurozine's editor-in-chief Carl Henrik Fredriksson. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Friend and foe. Shared space, divided society

The 19th European Meeting of Cultural Journals London, 27-30 October 2006

The Eurozine conference "Friend and foe. Shared space, divided society" saw a record number of speakers and participants representing over thirty countries. Editors of Europe's leading cultural journals converged on London in October to bring highly varied and often widely diverging perspectives to this most current of topics. Read on for a summary of the conference. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Parallel lives

A rise in inter-ethnic conflict, often reinforced by segregated or "parallel" lives, has renewed doubts about the value of diversity. Index on Censorship asks whether multiculturalism has indeed been a "failed experiment". [more]


Eurozine News Item

Hungary '56: The first time as tragedy...

With a political battle ongoing in Hungary over rightful ownership of the legacy of '56, the international press take comparisons between '56 and the recent demonstrations at face value. The first time as tragedy, the second time as farce? [more]


Eurozine News Item

Friend and foe. Shared space, divided society

Programme of the 19th European Meeting of Cultural Journals
London, 27-30 October 2006

On 27-30 October, more than 80 editors and intellectuals from Europe's leading cultural journals met in London to discuss cultural diversity in the context of media and urban space. Speeches and panel contributions will be published shortly. [more]


Eurozine News Item

The Polish Right: Its rise and fall?

Poland's rightwing government has begun to wobble. Could this be the beginning of the end of the Kaczynski twins' brief and controversial spell in the political limelight? [more]


Eurozine News Item

Minsk journal "Arche" suspended

The Belarusian Ministry of Information has suspended the publication of Minsk journal Arche for publishing in its latest issue an article on national language politics. Apparently, by departing from its license to publish on history only, Arche was breaking the law. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Ramin Jahanbegloo released

Esprit editors Olivier Mongin and Marc-Olivier Padis have confirmed news reports that the Iranian intellectual Ramin Jahanbegloo was released from the Evin prison in Tehran on Wednesday 30 August. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Free Ramin Jahanbegloo

The leading Iranian academic Ramin Jahanbegloo is being held in prison in Iran on spying charges. Esprit has launched a petition for his release. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Remembering Chernobyl in 2006

Chernobyl is more than a technological accident belonging to the past: it is a catastrophe that affects the present and that will determine the future. But amidst the twenty year anniversary commemorations, will the lessons of Chernobyl be heeded? Osteuropa and Index on Censorship on an unfolding disaster. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Independent Belarusian newspaper "Nasha Niva" to close

The Belarusian department of ideology rules that the arrest of editor-in-chief Andrej Dynko in March disqualifies Nasha Niva from operating in Minsk. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Editor Andrej Dynko released

Belarusian intellectual Andrej Dynko has been released after serving ten days in jail. Eurozine publishes his prison diary. [more]


Eurozine News Item

"Arche" editor arrested in Minsk

Publicist Andrej Dynko, vice editor-in-chief of Eurozine's Belarusian partner journal Arche, was arrested in Minsk. Updated 01.04.2006 [more]


Eurozine News Item

What chances for a Denim Revolution?

With the results of the elections in Belarus indicating a landslide victory for Lukashenko, the opposition is crying foul. Read Eurozine articles published during the election build-up. [more]


Eurozine News Item

"Arche" confiscated at Belarusian-Lithuanian border

Civil liberties violations in the run up to the 19 March elections. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Faces of Istanbul

Articles from du reveal facets of the city that has been the battleground of Turkey's modernization process. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Big Brother goes global

Post 9/11, governments are increasingly tailoring "international standards" to ratify domestic policies that intrude on civil liberties. Index on Censorship exposes the downside of international cooperation. [more]


Eurozine News Item


The 18th European Meeting of Cultural Journals
Istanbul, November 4-7 2005

This year's meeting is organized by Eurozine and its Turkish partners Cogito and Varlik. Details and programme. [more]


Eurozine News Item

The Yukos case

The Yukos case has been widely seen as another attempt by the Putin regime to intimidate its opponents; now the involvement of the European Court of Human Rights seems likely. Read articles dealing with the economic, legal, and societal implications of the case. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Srebrenica. Ten years on

On 11 July, the atrocities of Srebrenica had their tenth anniversary. Eurozine publishes views from inside Serbia on how the nation is starting to address its guilt. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Celebrating Einstein

This year, Germany is celebrating the centenary of Albert Einstein's theory of relativity. The journal Gegenworte reflects on the "eventization" of science. [more]


Eurozine News Item

NGOs, transnational regimes, and the challenge of democracy

An East-West debate

NGOs play a major role in meeting the democratic challenges of supra-national politics. But this involves a transfer of authority that Russian commentators find problematic. Read on for the full debate. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Ukrainian turns

The events that we can follow in the Ukraine these days mark a turning point - most commentators agree on this. But which way the country will turn is not yet clear. Eurozine publishes comments on and analyses of the recent developments in the Ukraine. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Ukraine in the Eurozine archives

During the last three years, Eurozine has published numerous articles dealing with the Ukraine, with its internal divisions and its relations to its neighbours and to the European Union. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Eurozine at the Frankfurt Book Fair

The European Cultural Journals in your hands.

From October 5-10, Eurozine will be at the Frankfurt Book Fair. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Orient Express

A literary journey through the EU-enlargement region



Eurozine News Item

The future of global cities

Several European cultural magazines have lately published articles that shed light on the challenges for cities all over the world: their form of governance, the impact of economic interests on city landscapes and the effects of globalisation and tourism. [more]


Eurozine News Item

In memoriam Lothar Baier

On the recent death of Lothar Baier, German intellectual, essayist and writer. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Gegenworte: new partner, new issue

Check out Eurozine's new partner Gegenworte and its latest issue on complexity. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Eurozine's 50th partner

Three new partners from France, Poland and Germany. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Mittelweg 36

A short presentation of the magazine Mittelweg 36 with a focus on the latest issue. [more]


Eurozine News Item

News item: Energizing the European public space

The 17th European meeting of cultural journals

Carl Henrik Fredriksson outlines what it takes to create a public space for Europe. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New partner: Diwan

A literary journal from Bosnia and Herzegovina joins Eurozine [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine partner: Genero

A journal devoted to feminist thought from Belgrade joins the network. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Two new partners: Esprit and springerin

A short presentation of Eurozine's two new partners. [more]


Eurozine News Item

The republic of letters? Cultural journals in a European public space

The 17th European meeting of cultural journals
Tallinn, May 14-17 2004

The annual international magazine's conference is this year organized by Eurozine and its Estonian partner Vikerkaar. Details and programme. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Slavenka Drakulic on war criminals on trial

"Literatur im März" in Vienna. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Eurozine partner: Reset

Reset's various endeavours - magazine, netmagazine and conferences. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Eurozine partner: Zeszyty Literackie

The highlights from the latest issue of the Polish quarterly journal. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Eurozine partner

The Turkish journal Cogito joins the Eurozine network. [more]


Eurozine News Item

16th European Meeting of Cultural Journals in Belgrade

The politics of translation: Europe and the Balkans. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Law on trial

Eurozine's partner Index on Censorship discusses the reintroduction of the concept of "evil" in legal speak, the unduly influence of media coverage in court cases and the right to free expression versus the right to a fair trial. [more]


Eurozine News Item

The 16th European Meeting of Cultural Journals

Europe and the Balkans: Politics of Translation
Belgrade, October 24-27 2003

More than 70 editors and intellectuals from Europe's leading cultural journals meet in Belgrade. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Eurozine at the Frankfurt Book Fair

From October 8-13, Eurozine will be at the Frankfurt Book Fair. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Debates on Russian statehood

Western political theory has often been superimposed on Russia without the necessary redefintions. Eurozine presents a debate on liberalism and statehood from our partner Neprikosnovennij Zapas. [more]


Eurozine News Item

Muslim anti-Semitism and Israel's occupation tactics

Five recent articles published by Eurozine and its partners investigate Israel's current crisis and future chances. How do anti-Semitism and Israeli occupation tactics affect each other? [more]


Eurozine News Item

Eurozine's Partner "du" on Pedro Almodovar's Gaze

Eurozine's partner journal du has dedicated its September issue to the Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar and is offering a glimpse into the visual world of the director with two texts on desire and films, on colours and photography. [more]


Eurozine News Item

New Partner Focuses the Russian Middle Class

Did a middle class exist in the Soviet Union? And what defines the middle class in contemporary Russia? Eurozine's new partner Neprikosnovennij Zapas has published a number of articles that evolve around these questions, each of them offering differing definitions of the middle class. [more]



Focal points     click for more

Debating solidarity in Europe
In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, questions of inequality and solidarity have become intertwined. Over the past year, however, questions of solidarity have also been central in connection to the treatment of refugees and migrants. [more]

Ukraine: Beyond conflict stories
Follow the critical, informed and nuanced voices that counter the dominant discourse of crisis concerning Ukraine. A media exchange project linking Ukrainian independent media with "alternative" media in Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Greece. [more]

Russia in global dialogue
In the two decades after the end of the Cold War, intellectual interaction between Russia and Europe has intensified. It has not, however, prompted a common conversation. The focal point "Russia in global dialogue" seeks to fuel debate on democracy, society and the legacy of empire. [more]

Ukraine in European dialogue
Post-revolutionary Ukrainian society displays a unique mix of hope, enthusiasm, social creativity, collective trauma of war, radicalism and disillusionment. Two years after the country's uprising, the focal point "Ukraine in European dialogue" takes stock. [more]

Culture and the commons
Across Europe, citizens are engaging in new forms of cultural cooperation while developing alternative and participatory democratic practices. The commons is where cultural and social activists meet a broader public to create new ways of living together. [more]

2016 Jean Améry Prize collection
To coincide with the awarding of the 2016 Jean Améry Prize for European essay writing, Eurozine publishes essays by authors nominated for the prize, including by a representative selection of Eurozine partner journals. [more]

The politics of privacy
The Snowden leaks and the ensuing NSA scandal made the whole world debate privacy and data protection. Now the discussion has entered a new phase - and it's all about policy. A focal point on the politics of privacy: claiming a European value. [more]

Beyond Fortress Europe
The fate of migrants attempting to enter Fortress Europe has triggered a new European debate on laws, borders and human rights. A focal point featuring reportage alongside articles on policy and memory. With contributions by Fabrizio Gatti, Seyla Benhabib and Alessandro Leogrande. [more]

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Eurozine emerged from an informal network dating back to 1983. Since then, European cultural magazines have met annually in European cities to exchange ideas and experiences. Around 100 journals from almost every European country are now regularly involved in these meetings.
Mobilizing for the Commons
The 27th European Meeting of Cultural Journals
Gdańsk, 4-6 November 2016
The Eurozine conference 2016 in Gdańsk framed the general topic of solidarity with a focus on mobilizing for the commons. The event took place in the European Solidarity Centre in Gdańsk and thus linked contemporary debate to the history of a broad, non-violent, anti-communist social movement which has started in the city's shipyard in 1980. [more]

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In memoriam: Ales Debeljak (1961-2016)
On 28 January 2016, Ales Debeljak died in a car crash in Slovenia. He will be much missed as an agile and compelling essayist, a formidable public speaker and a charming personality. [more]

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Neda Deneva, Constantina Kouneva, Irina Nedeva and Yavor Siderov
Does migration intensify distrust in institutions?
How do migration and institutional mistrust relate to one another? As a new wave of populism feeds on and promotes fears of migration, aggrandising itself through the distrust it sows, The Red House hosts a timely debate with a view to untangling the key issues. [more]

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Jürgen Habermas, Michaël Foessel
Critique and communication: Philosophy's missions
Decades after first encountering Anglo-Saxon perspectives on democracy in occupied postwar Germany, Jürgen Habermas still stands by his commitment to a critical social theory that advances the cause of human emancipation. This follows a lifetime of philosophical dialogue. [more]

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Karl Ove Knausgĺrd
Out to where storytelling does not reach
To write is to write one's way through the preconceived and into the world on the other side, to see the world as children can, as fantastic or terrifying, but always rich and wide-open. Karl Ove Knausgĺrd on creating literature. [more]

Jonathan Bousfield
Growing up in Kundera's Central Europe
Jonathan Bousfield talks to three award-winning novelists who spent their formative years in a Central Europe that Milan Kundera once described as the kidnapped West. It transpires that small nations may still be the bearers of important truths. [more]

Literary perspectives
The re-transnationalization of literary criticism
Eurozine's series of essays aims to provide an overview of diverse literary landscapes in Europe. Covered so far: Croatia, Sweden, Austria, Estonia, Ukraine, Northern Ireland, Slovenia, the Netherlands and Hungary. [more]

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Europe talks to Europe
Nationalism in Belgium might be different from nationalism in Ukraine, but if we want to understand the current European crisis and how to overcome it we need to take both into account. The debate series "Europe talks to Europe" is an attempt to turn European intellectual debate into a two-way street. [more]

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Multimedia section including videos of past Eurozine conferences in Vilnius (2009) and Sibiu (2007). [more]

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